DYP: The Essential Knowledge for Key Stage to Teaching – PGCE – Portfolio: Buteera Disan

The designed mapping files of the above named portfolio below are showing, indicating, labelling and includes the outcomes of the efforts undertaken while learning a stringed PGCE certificate of Education basing on efforts and denied expectations by Institutions such as Nottingham Trent University.  An Educational motivational congratulatory message is here Congratulations for Success (2013) available (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmemhish8hE

School Work Volunteer NSPCC application available (online) https://join-us.nspcc.org.uk/volunteers/app/249902/questions1

Buteera Disan DYP Template CV

Evaluation Form

Module 100500 – Table for National Curriculum

Module 100500 The National Curriculum & Effective Teaching Methods Handout

Having paid for a Certificate in advance the Key Stage to Teaching ABC awards, PGCE, Invoice Certificate 350417 (1) DYP  The third module was Routes into Teaching.  Then, and Transcation Confirmation £35.00 Cert. FeesUnfortunately, Developing Your Potential Education Recruitment hasn’t given feedback for Understanding Learning Styles, Assessment for Learning, Lesson Planning, Classroom and Behaviour Management and Routes into teaching.  Those have been under the Management of Nichola Finch.  I am wondering if what she has been teaching, has been exercised!!!  So, I’m afraid submitting in the National Curriculum and Effective Teaching Assessment.  (See files above)

However, the Tutor Nichola Finch has sent the feedback after my sitdown strike.  I have also written Student’s feedback of which I have sent to the employment agency (DYP).  For Teaching and Learning Styles click here, Buteera Disan Module 100100 Feedback to Candidate (Teaching Methods and Learning Styles) Lesson Plan, Buteera Disan Module 100200 Feedback to Candidate (Lesson Plan)  Assessment for Learning, Buteera Disan Module 100300 Feedback to Candidate (Assessment for Learning)

Safeguarding and Child Protection, Buteera Disan Module 100700 Feedback to Candidate (Safeguarding and Child Protection)  Routes into Teaching, Buteera Disan Module 100800 Feedback to Candidate (Routes into Teaching)        Module 100100 Homework Understanding Learning StylesUnderstanding learning disabilities, Buteera Disan Module 100900 Feedback to Candidate (Understanding Learning Disabilities)

Understanding School Environment:  Buteera Disan Module 100400 Feedback to Candidate (Understanding School Environment)

Module 100300 Homework Assessment for Learning

Module 100200 Homework Lesson Planning

Student-Statement.pdf,   Module 100400 Homework Classroom Behaviour Management   Module 100800 Homework (Routes into Teaching)


Buteera Disan – Receipt,   

Module 100600 Homework (Week of set 1),       Module 100800 Routes into Teaching Handout

CV-Template, DYP,   Module 100900 Homework (Learning disabilities)

Module 100700 Homework,   Buteera Disan Week 9 Feedback to Candidate (Learning disabilities)

Video Showing Achievement

Thank you,

Buteera Disan

Website Management and Project Director





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