Workplace or Jobsearch?

Consideration for employment (see notification) Family-website-design-for-home-frame Picture – Volunteer Position, Disan Buteera

Impressing Covering Letter for a Job to the Open University (07/2018)  Admin Assistant

Covering Letter

1. Gate way to Work  Emloyability Skills,   SKM_C36818011611540

4.  archive (5)archive (5)archive (5)archive Websie news, part 2 001.jpg

News or Website 001.jpg

scan0001 (Court Hearing Payments record)   Then, Court hearing results in Absence (click at attached scans once archive (5) file opens  archive (5).

This century is seeming to have turned thinking, expectations and facts into personalised thoughts of some people of this great world.  Imagine having a placement as described above at a work station and then its essence instead becomes unreasonable conflict.

That happened to me while on a government placement in Customer Service /Administration for the Department for Work and Pensions which works on pensioners and those working.

I am sure being competitive, capable and having super ability makes some people in positions become afraid of loosing their positions due to lack of capacity and inferiority before excelling and promising individuals.

The above is in a name of a project which was completed whilst on placement.  The outcomes are summarised above.

Finally, it is maladministration which is fuelled with biaseness, incompetences, inaptitude and lack of direction but exercising!

Computing relax Video in England! by Buteera

Thank you,  Buteera Disan

Website Director in Management





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