Perspectives on Childhood & Child Psychology 2019/20, Managing Transitions in YJ (MT) (2013/4), Evolutions in YJ (2013/4) & EPUANENTU023/2006, COMMUNICATION AS A KEY INDICATOR OF QUALITY IN EFFECTICE PRACTICE IN YOUTH JUSTICE BY BUTEERA DISAN

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First of all, Super Donald (1996) ‘Career roles and Self realisation in work and leisure” argues and focuses his work on a career.  He uses examples such as being a Student, teacher, Doctor or a Youth Justice Court worker extra.

The underlined below are files regarding the above work of the above references.  Click on / at it. Then, you are to be directed to the wordprocessing for the details/ project collection.

Evolutions of Youth Justice


2. (EPUA / YJB Project 2006/7)   SKM_C36818082313040

Paper Submission – Youth Justice in Childhood Studies and Child Pschology E102, Open University, 11/ 2018   Childhood Psychology OU (2018) TMA01 Marked

Then of 2019/20 Childhood Studies and Child Psychology perspectives Part 1 & 2 OUCU ZY225219 TMA001 E102 201920 Marked 

Complaint / appeal results from the faculty of wellbeing, Education and Language studies Disan Buteera Response TMA01 from Dr.Mimi

Project Funding:  Youth Endowment Fund Application; 2019

About the, Youth Endowment Fund, England

Feedback from YEF 2019

Dear Disan Buteera,
Thank you for submitting a grant application to the Youth Endowment Fund. Having reviewed the information you provided, I am getting in touch to let you know that unfortunately we will not be progressing your application further.
Your application stated that you would be working with people aged from 5 – 25, but the detail provided did not show how your project would work predominantly with 10 – 14 year olds. Additionally, your project was not focussed on young people in England and Wales. As such, your application did not meet our eligibility criteria.
I know that this will be disappointing news and I am sorry that we have not been able to progress your application on this occasion. Please do remember that this is only our first round of funding, and we will be launching further funding rounds in the coming months. Details of these will be announced on our website at You can also follow us on Twitter for further updates @YouthEndowFund.
We would really appreciate it if you could give us some feedback on the service you’ve received from us. To do this please complete our quick survey.  It has 4 questions and will only take a couple of minutes to fill out.
Best Wishes,
Deborah Smart


Head of Grants
Youth Endowment Fund

Project writing Childhood with Parenting skills The Open University in Youth Justice TMA 02 PARTS 1A, AND 2A AND B 201920

Thank you

Best regards

Buteera Disan

1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus, 2001/2 Nkozi NTC, Ug 

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4 thoughts on “Perspectives on Childhood & Child Psychology 2019/20, Managing Transitions in YJ (MT) (2013/4), Evolutions in YJ (2013/4) & EPUANENTU023/2006, COMMUNICATION AS A KEY INDICATOR OF QUALITY IN EFFECTICE PRACTICE IN YOUTH JUSTICE BY BUTEERA DISAN

  1. Dear audience, I have been impressed to offer a chance to the work you are yet to view because of its relevancy and content which I believe you are gpoing to enjoy. IIt is not easy to have such an opportunity of showing such an effort of interest to colleague mostly of this website. Thank you for your audience, Buteera Disan, www,


  2. Thank you for getting in touch. We can confirm that we have received the information you submitted.
    A copy of your submission is below.

    Disclosure details
    Organization Name: The Open University 

    The Open University being incompetent in the way if offers its services both at its campuses and a link to Student Finance England and the Department for work and pensions. I have deffered a module E102 (An Introduction to Child Psychology and Childhood studies) which is compulsory in the Youth Justice discipline but there is a lot of gossiping / marmmering from those sources. Why? Disan Buteera YJ  

    Contact Details
    Name: Mr  Disan Buteera 
    Role: Student 
    Telephone number: 07393897970 
    Email address:

    Department for Education


  3. I am sure you have had a look at it all as well as the previous article/s. Those are some of the works which resulted into writing a Fail wthout attendance (See Evolutions in Youth Justice and MT in Youth Justice) Whats your view?


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