Good & Co Personality report – Disan Buteera in 2019, Director of Governance NHS & Independent Sales Advisor (ISA) JOB AT Emora Ltd – RSPCA Charity, England

Good & Co Propriety, Psychometric and Algorithm – Disan Buteera’s


Disan Buteera – Director of Governance Statement NHS England

Emora Ltd Job Observation

Job’s Business Plan:  scan0001 – Business plan

Video show showing (myself) Disan Buteera’s Professional outlook at Emora Ltd /RSPCA in January 2018


What others say!

  • Deserves Accounts Work

Nottingham Trent University Leadership Flag Competitions 2014/5 SKM_C36818022714560

Second Video features of my homes as at 21:44 pm on 05/02/2019

Third Video showing City’s ride and sorroundings Feb 2019


Disan Buteera

Website Director and Project Manager


By that time, I was commuting / connection from my home / 21 Churchside Gradens.


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