This area is showing the campuses I have been attending from Kindergaten to University to date in my capacity as Buteera Disan in a chronological order that is ascending 1 – 100.

The Kindergaten was from home where I was managed by my Mother Yekosabeth Mairane) (R.I.P) Mother by Profession.  She directed in maths and writing my name.

  1. Kanziira Primary School  in Gomba District in Uganda.  Attached is my photograph of Christmas 2017 (for OB’s and OG’s attention!) while in Nottingham City, England. at (@) Satetellite (online) Our Spider OBs and OG’s?  Are the current Students / Pupils embracing the design!!!!  The art / Science of Ironing.  (photo below taken in 2019 under the supervision of Sprout up Youth and Women Initaive Suwayi Ltd – Viola Nakimbugwe Nalinya)
  2. Image may contain: 2 people, crowd and outdoorExif_JPEG_420
    Upper stripped blue socks for both boys and girls 
    Purple Shirt, purple dressand  Kach short for boys
    Image result for school socks

    Image result for black shoes

  3. Then videos  In (purple) is a presentation linked to the School Music competitions I engaged in during 1991/2/3 where Kanziira Primary School too the lead up to the County level. The invitation to the District Music level was dishonoured.Our trainers for Kanziira Primary School were Teacher Joseph Ssekibuule, Edward Sserwadda and Jamiru Lwanga (R.I.P) In words its ‘We are the youth of Uganda so must work for our progress as to force return unite and love so that Uganda moves forward. For how long shall we endure we must reject corruption too: We must: Destroy sake. Terrain’s move up to the left out. I was the choir leader- Disan Buteera.


  4. Gombe Secondary School  Boarding in Butambala District in Uganda
  5. Brain Trust Academy in Kampala District in Uganda shares with Ahamediya Muslim High School the Examination Centre Wandegeya near Makerere University
  6. Zzana High School Boarding along Entebbe Airport Road from Kampala City
  7. Aggrey Memorial High School,Bunamwaya in Mpigi/ Kampala District.  The farewell song during that time whilst leaving the School that is Senior 6 in 1999, I sung a solo which is Jesus is my redeemer (2016) available (online)
  8. Nkozi National Teachers’ College Diploma in Secondary Teaching in Mawokota District in Uganda C/o Kyambogo Uni via (Itek;  Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo)
  9. Makerere University, Kampala District Uganda, Diploma in Project Planning and Development: Enrolled with Diploma in Education Secondary!!!  Got the Project Management Diploma (online, 2017) from Alison Institue which is in Ireland (  I learnt it whilst in England.
  10. City of Sunderland College Diploma Level 3 Youth & Community Work in the North of England, United Kingdom, below is the Golden award of Music Cert SKM_C36818011611530 The Solo in 2006 was Joy to the World Available (online)
  11. London Metropolitan University Laws  in London in England (Withdrew)
  12. Nottingham Trent University Youth Justice in Nottingham City in England (Withdrew)
  13. In February to April 2017…, Foundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies (Education field), Foundamentals of English Grammar, Introduction in Conversational English, Diploma in Project Management (PM), Diploma in Basic English Grammar and an English Vocabularly and Pronunciation Certificate from Alison Institute (online); Republic of Ireland.
  14. Open University Youth Justice in Milton Keyness in England in Progress upon Module by Module agreement until 2025 or 2027 (Withdrew, September, 2022).  2021/2 is second year with K209 (Theory, research and practice in youth justice and KE206 (Making a difference: Working with Children and young people. The pay is in £6,000.  It has been arranged already via student finance England. Student identity is paramount see scan for details E102 module in Childhood studies and Child Psychology began on 05th October,2019.  It is costing£3,012.00 Completed and succeeded with one so far (K115) Foundations in Effective Practice in Youth Justice in 2015/6.  Watch video for payments since by then I was earning less from the State’s fund benefits as a Jobseeker.  Legally, I become eligible for a waive of the Department for work and pensions pays as long as the learning Job related is part time. Available (online) but it couldn’t following the unjustices around my achievements.  So, I managined, the cost was £2,227.20 in maladministration, was £3,333.  The difference for maladministration fees is £1,1o5.80 this is via the Auditor Mathematics available through these Ledge statements (Received two different statements) 111. Open Money 001.jpgMoney Open 002.jpg
  16. 2. Statement20142952 and (ELM) The Why and What Educational Leadership and Management (2017) (See Cert. statement of Participation, Educational Mgt and Leadership) The next module is Introduction to Childhood Studies and Child Psychology (E102) for 6 months as K115 was.  In reality its 3 years / stages via flexibility its a module by module learning. Each stage has two modules.  2017 registration is here (online)
  17. College of Policing, see Cert.Channel General Awareness Training before School Employment)
  18. North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children’s Board C/o Teaching Force agency, Safeguarding Children in Education Cert. SKM_C36818022812530 , Introduction to Safeguarding & Protection of Children in England Cert. CPD Safeguarding & Children Protection 
  19. Teaching Force Recruitment Nottingham URL:; Certificate of Attendance – Introduction to Teaching –  Cover Supervision SKM_C36818022411490

16.  College of Policing and Metroplitan Police Service, UK via Teaching Force

February 2018 – February 2018

Channel General Awareness Module

Course Topics Covered

  • Channel – Who is who
  • Counter Terrorism – Contest – Prevent, Pursue, Protect, Prepare
  • Channel Process, Referral, Preliminary Assessment – Channel Police Practitioner,
  • Multi agency Panel, Support
  • Identifying Vulnerable People, Intent, Engagement, Capability
  • Referrals & Support, Support packages, Channel Police Practitioner, Interventions, a very real threat, making a referral, Multi Agency Panel, Fear of Criminalisation

17.  Nottinghamshire Help Yourself  – March 2019 – PA (Personnal Assistant- Safeguarding Children)  Introduction to being a Personal Assistant Induction Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Board Partnership (2019)

Safeguarding Children Intro – Nottinghamshire Children Safeguarding Board (2019)

Advice to Open University requiring Students’ Body Radio

This is a reply to the message answering the call for a radio name of students.  I am suggesting ButeOpen Studios.  Meaning behind that.
Bute is derived from my name Buteera as a student.  Open is derived from our University’s name.  Then studios, that obvoius. Its the studio.

Hope that helps and I have answered your call.  The call is about changing from ”OU STUDENTS RADIO”.  Addressed to the Communiations and Technology Students’ Office, Open University.

Take Care,

Buteera Disan
Youth Justice

Thank you

Disan Buteera, Hutu – Isreal Race

1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus (2001/2), though!

Website Director & Project Manager






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3 thoughts on “Alma Mateurs, Attended 1986 to 2022; Buteera Disan

    • Meaningfully right. The video in purple is matching with Kanziira Primary School’s Uniform/ strip whcih is purple: Top for boys and full attire for girls. The boys put on a short on top of that in colour is khach.
      Disan Buteera
      Director & Project Manager


  1. Once upon a time as from the front of the website under the article ”The Leadership Course I refused” ofcourse as you have read the content I have met a partnership Institution to the Open University, England which calls its self Alison based in the Republic of Ireland. It is having equally the same administration practices. I delibalately engaged in the learning of a Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in the basics of English Grammar, an Introduction in Conversational English, Foundamentals of English Grammar, English Vocabularly and Pronunciation and finally a Foundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies which I have completed and passed successfully. Upon review, I have paid for a Foundamentals in English Grammar which is worth £32.342 with a conflict in mind of being free. I am waiting for their approach or say!!!!!!

    I am wondering the kind of language I have learnt to that extent. In 1950’s and 1960’s there was a comparison of understanding in learning and associations between animals and people. So, whats…..???!!!

    Buteera Disan
    Website Director in Management


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