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Meaning of my name and Acknowledgement – Buteera

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Peace and Honour Israel; Enjoy these Deds, The Everly Brothers (2012)’All I have to do is to Dream’ (online)  & Chris Fleischer (2013) Pipe Organ – Captain of Israel’s host & Guide, Tune: Marielyst (online)  

I am Buteera Disan.The Premier Director and Project Manager for this website project family.Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 11.27.10 AM In the fulfilment and exploration of my cultural English life, I had to travel to England since 2004 with a trade mission Visa. Gist? work, education or pounds Stering? Find out via analysis.


Historically and as per Nyanza /Butare palace of Rwanda/ Ruanda which is in the Kingdom of Ruanda / Rwanda, accessible via King’s palace and Museum visit (online), Princess Butera Knowless Album (2014) via and Princess Nassuna Kayondo in Busakula in Nsambwe link grand father place in Gomba District, Uganda (Watch video)

Rwanda,_Rwanda (Museum, Rwanda), the name is Butera as the family name which my Kanziira Primary School is aware of and my Teacher – the Mother (R.I.P 2009) as well (See Kindergatten attendance from the Childhood blog). It is the School I attended my Primary Schooling where my father Samuel Mairane (R.I.P, 2003/4) was the Headteacher / Principal and Kaadda (Officer Cadet – Schools in Education: Ministry of Education, Uganda: This piece of work is assumed to be protected by the Ministry Of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Uganda.

The Computer Misuse Act, 2011 The Law. The Computer Misuse ACT, 2011 This makes provision for the safety and security of electronic transactions and information systems. It makes provision for the safety and security of electronic transactions and information systems; prevent unlawful access, abuse or misuse of information systems by including computers (and electronic devices like mobile phones ) and make provision for securing the conduct of electronic transactions in a trustworthy electronic environment and to provide for other related matters.
The Act takes cognizance of the fact that all computer operations are susceptible to computer crimes and our current legal system does not recognize computer crimes thus the importance of a legislation to provide for computer crimes. Source:
It ONLY took about 2 months and participants had to dig deeper from their own pockets!). Here are pictured below infact are in the background photographism and mummy Yekosabeth Mairane (RIP, 2009). I am the 3rd last (bottom) out of 13 Children but the 2nd second from the top died when he was a young boy due to jealousy. He was David Mugalula (R.I.P) Then, our Family-website-design-for-home-frame Picture

Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame
Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP).png
Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP).png
Mr & Mrs Samuel Mairane (RIP)
Mummy and Daddy (RIP) Best dedication: Yesu Mukama Wange (online) IKing and Haggai 1 ff & 2ff God’s call for the building of the Church (see Haggai 1: 4-7) Well done to you all

Umugisha Family fortune/s, the heir to the dad and mum pictured besides are Jackquiline Nakayenge Sheillah and Patrick Kiwanuka Jonathan. Among them below in 1990 at Makerere University graduation square. He is Patrick Kiwanuka who is beautifully living in Croydon, London, England part of the United Kingdom (Isn’t my lineage but sibling; see Lineage article). The named can be accessed via his / their English / England, UK Landline on +0044 (0)2086564131. On satellite (online) available at,+Croydon+CR0+7BJ/@51.3856297,-0.0594584,3a,75y,229.12h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1se70YdZcjFAWgu44deCjhJQ!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x487600e33cf1f443:0x887415aed8530125!8m2!3d51.3855523!4d-0.0596257

In picture is Patrick Kiwanuka in the middle of the three. Is the heir to the father Samuel Mairane (r.i.p, (2003/4) on the wright. On the left is mum Elizabeth Nakayondo (r.i.p, (2009) He had a wedding to Sarah Barbra Kiwanuka from Croydon, London in England in 2006.
Jackie Shillah Nakayenga
She is Jacqueline Nakayenga Luwedde Shirah. Mum’s heir (2010) She is beautifully living in Bulenga with her new family. She is married.

After the Service Last funeral service @ Kanziira, Gomba The Home Office.
Mum’s heir ‘The Lady’ in a black Brouse, brown bloomed scart and a long dress commonly known as ‘gomesi’. From the group, the service had finished – the last funeral service (lumbe) in 2010. Besides ‘the Lady’ from left Diana Ndagire, Viola Nalinya Nakimbugwe, Nancy Sharis Nassiwa Kiwanuka and Lilian Nakiyimba Zeridah. Some music by Kibalama (2017) ‘Eschatos Brides Abbey’  Last Accessed on 21/05/2023 Disan Buteera Premier Director & PM for your…, England.

The Lady’s Speech – Jacqueline Nakeyenga (Video includes Joshua and Mummy Megan/Merisah) Chose to speak in Luganda being an Inclusive lady and Buganda Society! Nyindo ndalo!?

The Lumbe (last funeral rites) Magazine of our Maama (Mummy) Eliz (RIP) 2010; Whats food for thought? Visit graduation (article)

Video Showing Rev. Canon Kiwuwa Sadrach whilst giving a blessing during the day (Mummy’s Last Funeral rite, 2010) Hehas ever been our local Church Reveraland, twice: Kanziira Chuch of Uganda. Mother Church leader since its Genesis perhaps 1960 transfer year to Kanziira Primary School from Mpenja Primary School and others, father was the Headteacher.

Video showing Joshua SSebandeke Mairane whilst giving a speech during Mummy’s last funeral rites (2010) is her last born: I am the third last (Disan Buteera)

Bishop Joshua Ssebandeke Mairane while in Sweden Stockholm (with a Bow tie and Blue Diamond Golden Suit attire) with Kabango David Wesige (in Grey white Golden Suit attire and hat on head) and Ssalongo Kenneth Tusubira Kayondo (but Ssalongo lives in Norway; was a visit to Sweden)

Joshua, Kenneth& David
Josh & David( suit snap)
Joshua & Kabango

A dedicatiom from Chris Fleischer – All Hail The Power Of the ‘father’/ Tune: Diadem CM (2013) available(online) at and Ancient words (2008) Micheal W. Smith (online)

Then, dedications from Isreal Mbonyi; Yankuyeho Urubanza (2014) Online, Yesu Number one (2014) online, nzi ibyo nibwira (2014) online The School is in Uganda, East Africa, Gomba district. In ancient Greek the name means butter which is Butiron and it has been expressed or written using different formats such as Buttera. However, also noted the creation of man’s understanding in Egypt and the sufferings of Isrealites under king pharoah as well as the movements and the crossing of the red sea in connection to Greek’s understanding of my name as butter; butiron. Incredibly visit this myth and Satan site From that website, from (U.S.A; United States of America; Pennyslavia during 1921 movement to Italy, people of Rwanda had moved from United Kingdom (UK) which is having states inluding Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England minues the Republic of Ireland following the departures they had from Rwanda in 1920 escaping Belgium conflicts in Ruanda. Do you know before that time United Kingdom (see states above) had Egyptians (Isrealites) settled in UK to assist her (UK) with military work? So, it was a rescue of Rwandanese following that protocol.

Homework! Think of these having read the above, Briton, Brits/Bryts not Bricks, Britain and British.


Home entertainment, drinks and edibles at 52 St Anns, Duncombe Close NG3 3PJ, Nottingham City – Disan Buteera


Taken in 2016 from the City Centre Nottingham
This lovely snap was taken on 06/08/2019 my home in Nottingham after the evening meal (The bow one)

The name of this website (URL) is Website Project Family Buteera Hutu – Isreal race (Brits/Bryts) where its URL (Website) is written as I am dedicating the efforts of this massive work to Above is Dad Ethen Isaac Kutesa Walugembe now in Namagoma, Ug This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1615366187100.jpgand below in a cap is mummy Merisah (Sarah Nakibuule Mairane).

Dedication: Whitney Houston (2010) ‘I will always love you’ (online) Updated on 21/05/23 by Premier Director & PM, Disan Buteera Mairane at 12:54 Noon BST (British Summer Time) 

in Desmonies (America) for support in the collection of snaps, art and courage and staff of Nottingham Central Library in September 2016 (The Library being one of ”Nottingham’s Speakers Corner” (along King and Queen streets) hence that pic below) who offered some support and directions regarding the setting or opening of this website (URL). What a pleasure!

Dedication from the Media Expert whisper; The Prince of Ruanda /Rwanda Kingdom while in Nottingham : King of Kings (2016)
2. You can always come home Available at and cool (as edibles and drinks may!)

Video showing the City of Nottingham (2019) (Had a ride watching it and Its sorroundings) In / from the Sky! Disan Buteera (Website Director & Manager)

Useful links

  1. Buteera D (2016) Graduation party presentations for buteera Disan Mairane and Kagera Samuel Mairane (online)

So with pleasure, very many thanks.
Best regards,
Disan Buteera
1st Deputy Information Minister (Emeritus), NTC Nkozi (2001/2) though!
Website (URL) Director & Project Manager, Youth Justice Lawyer/ Judge & Teacher


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