David Mugalula Mairane’s (R.I.P) article / Blog

David Mugalula Mairane you were indeed the best Child in the family, and you had all which would make us through.  It is a pity that you left us; sadly myself (Disan Buteera) did not see you.  I am in imaginations and thoughts of you.

Jealousy didn’t hesitate from taking you from us.  As you are resting at Kanziira, Gomba District, Uganda burial grounds, please rest in peace. David Mugalula (r.i.p) was a product or a child of the above parents. David departed when he was a young boy / child. David was the second in line – sibling – wise.

Parental responsibility of David Mugalula (r.i.p)

The audio (John Bosco Kayondo) is telling about the Kabango family that is the grand family that David Mugalula (rip) belongs too. And so, the families attached include Kanziira (The Mairane Samuel Kateregga family and Nsambwe families all in Gomba district, Ug) Now led by Patrick Kiwanuka whose residence is in London, UK) me (Disan Buteera) Kingly – Top seat of the families

Though Kanfene!!!!

You are missed by us all.  Rest in peace dear.  Thank you for welcoming our father and Mother Samuel and Yekosabeth Mairane (RIP) who joined you recently.  So, I am sure life after death you are living is marvallous; though.

Dedication to (David Mugalula Mairane r.i.p): Let all things now living (Se samonte) Available via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpMCE1G3N7Q

Siblings of David Mugalula (r.i.p) 9 Britons boys and three sis

The remarkable joys of King David in the City of King David Available online in Connection to David Mugalula’s blog and traditions (online) https://jerusalem-watch.com/2018/06/19/planetary-line-at-cod-corresponding-with-babylonian-exile/# and http://www.cityofdavid.org.il

Best regards,

Buteera Disan (The Open University Graduate and ALUMNI member, England 2020) in youth justice

1st Information Deputy Minister Emeritus 2001/2 Nkozi NTC, Ug; Student’S Guild Chambers and Mandela students resident Hall Member of Parliament to the Student’s guild chambers

Wrote on behalf of of David Mugalula Mairane (R.I.P) Rider Video in Nottingham City, England.  https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/vb.100006752196327/1912824492285939/?type=3&theatere

Website Management & Project Director

Map showing Kanziira commuting place in Gomba district, Ug in East Africa that where David was put to rest both internally and externally (Updated on 29/05/2023) at 11:26 BST (British summer time) in England by Disan Buteera Premier Director & PM


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