Kanziira Great Home City welcome interactive Luxor TV Screenshot video (2020) for your website project family Buteera (online) at https://youtu.be/STnQeYK7L2Q

Changes in addresses are due to expiration of tenancy agreements in conjunction with the Landlords and Landladies contracts. Most of these references are privately rented.
I was bidding via Homelink Nottingham City Council Government (online) at https://bid.nottinghamhomelink.org.uk/pls/houlive_selfserv/f?p=12009:218:4222097563608 My bid number was 660360 with band 4 on 1 bedroom properties around the City Centre locations. I succeeded with band 2 instead of 4. Hence, a new address.

  1. Flat 52 Duncombe Close, Nottingham, NG3 3PJ from 05th/07th December 2018 to date (online) https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/52+Duncombe+Cl,+Nottingham+NG3+3PJ/@52.9638821,-1.1360223,3a,75y,121.91h,94.23t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s65D07ujszI6qHprsIm6ziQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x4879c1653bd63753:0x8636b703a92852ad!8m2!3d52.963603!4d-1.1362151 or via http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/ Then, Christmas day 25th Dec 2018 feast /Lunch Video (Drunk: White Wine, Lucozade and Cola. Ate: Goat meat & Potatoes.

    The behaviour at the address has been outstanding infact the Local Authority, England has granted a Secure tenancy whereby no other agreements for housing necessary! Find it attached


    Crown Show During covid 19 in England 2020

  • Video showing Post Office services in Nottingham


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    This video doesn’t exist
  • House Number 21, Apartment (Room) 4, Churchside Gardens, Nottingham City, NG7 5 GW, England from 06th April 2016 to 05th December 2018 Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • 73, Birkin Avenue, Apartment (Room) 2, Nottingham City, NG7 5AW, England from 23rd June 2014 until 06th April 2016, Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • 34, Apartment (Room) 2, Cope Street, Nottingham City, NG7 5AB, England from September 2013 until June 2014, Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • 430, Alfreton Road, Apartment (Room) 2, NG7 5NG, England from March 2013 until September 2013, Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • Strathdon Hotel, Nottingham City, NG1 5FT, England during February 2013, Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • Britannia Hotel, Nottingham City, NG1 6BN, England during February 2013, Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • Emmanuel House, Nottingham City, NG1 1FE, England from February 2013 to March 2013, Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/nottingham/
  • 89, NorthCote Road, Apartment (Room) 1, Croydon, London, England from 23/08/2012 until February 2013 Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/london/
  • 268, Shrublands Avenue, Apartment (Room) 2, Croydon, London, England from October 2008 until August 2012 Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/london/
  • 91, Beverstone Road, Apartment (Room) 2, Thornton Heath, Croydon, London, CR7 7LX, England from March 2008 to October 2008 Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/london/
  • 8, Moore Road, Upper Norwood, Croydon, London, SE19 3RA from September 2007 until March 2008. This was a term time address whilst with London Metropolitan University as a City of Sunderland Student of North East of England. I was living at Dad Sean Engineer Fred Mugagga’s home. Trackable via (onine) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/london/
  • 5, Burdon Road, (2, Apartments (Rooms) change), City Of Sunderland, SR1 1QB, England from May 2005 to September 2007. I left this to London. See Number 11 above. City of Sunderland is trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/sunderland/
  • 34, Norfolk Hotel, City of Sunderland, SR1 1EE, England from November 2004 to April 2005. Whilst at this address my application was being processed by the Immigration Administration, England. In march 2005, I received the positive results. Trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/sunderland/
  • Emmergency Accommodation, Oakington, Detention Centre, Cambridge, CB4 5EJ, England from November 2004 until November 2005.
  • Kanziira, Po Box Kanziira, Mairane Avenue, Gomba District, Uganda: Its the home place from May 1979 to November 2004. 2004, the time I travelled to England. Trackable via (online) https://schooling.ug/schools-in/gomba/mpenja/kanziira/kanziira/ 
  •           Kanziira Residential Home, The Mairanes

    Family New Developments 2021 find the video at the bottom.  The purpose of that project contribution to family is believed to have shoplets as well as Computers Clinic Services family with the capacity of about 13 computers.  They are to benefit our local people and the general public /population from Kanziira, Kisaka, Kiriri, Maseruka, Kisubi, Gombe, Kibibi, Mpanga, Nakaseta, Nswanjere, Mpigi, Nkozi NTC extra.  Witnessing the global digital market, promoting entertainments, satellites, alleviating Computer Illiteracy.  Thank you

  • Super Ltd Car - Kanziira Gomba District Brand New Samuel Mairane Family in 2003
    The Car snap was taken in 2003 infact it was the graduation day of Disan Buteera and Samuel Kyagera.

    Duke Jossy Giving a Speech - Kanziira
    The tragedy of the departure – death of Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP) (2003/4) and the Mother Yekosabeth (Elizabeth) Mairane (R.I.P,2009)
    Dedication Jimmy Katumba (1950’s) Train Kinawattaka (online) available at https://youtu.be/4lC4LWsRoC0?t=15Duke Joseph Ssekibuule (The Music Teacher) was giving a speech to the audience regarding our Mother’s departure (2009) to the residents ‘only’ of Kanziira!, Gomba District, Ug.  He’s now happily lives in America.
  • Below is Sister or Teacher Ruth Nakibuule / Nalwadda Introductory Marriage Video (2016)


  • Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame
    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-20200801-wa0001.jpg
    She is Ruth.

    21. Kitebi, Kampala City, Kitebi, Rubaga Division, Uganda from 1996 to November 2004. I lived with Sister Ruth Nalwadda (Nakibuule) available on Ug Landline 00256414583217 (Homeline)

    Ruth’s Dedication: St Kazo Church of Uganda, Kampala (2016) Yesu Alifuga Wonna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1uC86VAQKY ( online)

    teacher at Kitebi Primary School, Kampala ( musomesa mulungi nnyo mu kusomesa (Ruth is a niecest  lead teacher in / with teaching (Year 2 Teacher or Primary Two Class lead Teacher).  Then, below is Rebecca Namugabi in America as Nurse for people infact, graduated from Grand View University in America.  She is an American citizen.  People from the groom’s side calls her Namuganda because she was living in Buganda central part of Uganda for them, (search for the 9 Briton boys article from this website)  people of the Eastern part of Uganda in Bulangira commuting area of late Mbayo of the groom Accountant Magino Fred Wegulo.

  • Ruth’s Dedication: St Kazo Church of Uganda, Kampala (2016) Yesu Alifuga Wonna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1uC86VAQKY ( online) Would have been Kanziira Church of Uganda’s music!
  • (now in USA) during that time. Kitebi zone is trackable via (online) https://schooling.ug/schools/kitebi-primary-school
  • NB: Other addresses have not been included due to the time spent there. It was very limited such as in Hendon (Villette Road) and at 3 Tatham Street (Community Care centre) in the City of Sunderland trackable via (online) http://ontheworldmap.com/uk/city/sunderland/ as well as boarding Schools in Uganda, East Africa.

    Map showing past and current addresses by Disan Buteera

     Thank you;
    Disan Buteera, Hutu – Israel Race
    Website Director & Project Manager
    1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus, NTC Nkozi, UG 2001/2 updated on 25/03/2023

    5 thoughts on “Past/Current Address Articles; Buteera Disan 1979 Todate!

    1. In reply to Joshua Ssebandeke’s call from Sweden, Stockolm regarding the above refereces which I received on Thursday at 1:45 British Time, thank you for your words but in defence, the references are fine and are giving out the right reference in terms of character. So, well done Joshua for that observation.

      Best regards,
      Buteera Disan
      Website Director in Management


    2. You may have noted that the current contract expired but according to English and Welsh law its still on / within following other proptocols such as rolls. Thank you for that observation. Infact, its 2 and more years on. Cheers, Buteera Disan, 21, Apartment 4, Churchside Gardens, Nottingham City, NG7 5GW


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