I am Disan Buteera defining a lineage. I am ofcourse the Director and the Project Manger of the Website Project Family Buteera. Whats your common direct ancestor, Lineage?

Our coordination Network, Good or Bad? Find your lineage. (See below our defender for peace and love). Used atomic structure

Lineage is direct descent from an ancestor, especially a line of descendants from one ancestor. This is from the British Dictionary definitions for lineage, (2017) Available (online)

Features / Characteristics of Lineage

  1. Voice – similar – automatic

  2. Aptitude – similar – automatic

  3. Witty, Looks – similar – automatic

  4. Coordination system – network, similar – automatic

  5. Speaking – similar – automatic

  6. Automacy – similar – automatic

  7. Philosophies generations – similar though! and automatic

  8. Happinesses – similar – automatic

  9. Character – similar – automatic

  10. Appearance – similar – automatic

  11. Gentleness – similar – automatic

But the degree varies of being part of the lineage. Therefore, my audience do not think hard for the sake of being part of someone else’s lineage. Distinctive examples may be taken or traced from the map below which is trying to show our Exoduses from Egypt – Isreal to the rest of the world. Remember, we have to make a turn back for the rebuilding / restructuring of our (UKI) United Kingdom of Isreal add on Ruanda / Rwanda equalling to United Kingdom of Ruanda – Isreal (UKIR not yet formal). Isreal and the 12 tribes where mine is the central tribe of Isreal, we or I need God’s pardon where…
For instance, they say our connection in reference to the Brain hair co-ordination network is a serpent’s tongue. Watch mostly the last 5 – 6 minutes showing the centre of gravity (on also)

A patch to those seeming to be similar to a Lineage (see Certs) below from the work perspective using ”Staffline in connection to Wales most particularly!

Certificate – Disan Buteera – L1 Award Internet Safety for IT Users Module 1 Accessing The Internet – 03022020Certificate – Disan Buteera – L1 Award in Employability Skills Module 6 VLE Marked RQF Controlled Assessment – 03022020 (1)Certificate – Disan Buteera – L1 Award in Employability Skills Module 1 Employment Legislation – 03022020

Eva and Adam’s Descendants Movements / Erosions – But remember Our Image not Substance in terms of formation / Creation

  • Abraham

  • Jacob

  • Buteera/Butera (Deserves to be mentioned for the sake of the lineagehood principle)

  • Isaac

  • Judges Image result for the book of judges, old testament

  • Plus

Source: Tra


Website Project Family - Disan Buteera, Map contribution from Transpacific Project


Repurccusions / Effects or Impacts of Lineage Substitution

  • Aerial becomes or you feel shakey – Tampering with our head connection (or the Brain hair): White hair Experts be alerted.


  • You feel Illy (mustn’t)

  • Our smile goes (mustn’t)

  • Coordination network looses its value – Lineage (mustn’t)

  • Sharing looses meaning (mustn’t)

  • Reading looses meaning (mustn’t)

  • We live foolish lives of improper order – Organisation (mustn’t)

NB: Sky star contributors wanted using (Shoudn’t) but I have preferred to use mustn’t instead! Cheers stars

Our Wealth /Money, Who are those People actually in?

  1. Bank of Isreal (2017) Past notes and coins of Isreal, available (online)

2. National Bank of Ruanda / Rwanda (2017) available (online)


Image result for 10 pence coin

Image result for amafaranga

Image result for amafaranga

50 Israeli Pounds

5 Israeli Pounds

1 Israeli Pound

500 Pruta
The cereals (our food) and the 10 pence is a reminder of our historical pound monies! where now?

3. The Mairane home had / (has)! cattle and we or I had to ensure the excellent welfare of the Cattle such as Water, salt – Kisuula, grass and their house – Kraal. Do you know? I had three Cattle; a Cow, calf and bull. I bought a Cow 150,000 Ug Shillings. Its from the Cow that the bull and the calf came into being. But witchcraft and other businesses finished that wealthy !!!!!

Image result for friesian cattle

Personal ‘Noble honours’ Background – Buteera Disan

The pictures I have ever used on my persond background Information. The ‘Noble honours’ from our topic of interest Lineage, take these as if its a Line, lineage.

Of stripped coat isn’t part of my lineage but sibling – defining a Lineage

BUTEERADISAN - BUTEERA (2015937L8P3C2999) in RED Guarmet
Of stripped coat isn’t part of my lineage but sibling – defining a lineage

Buteera Disan



Disan Buteera background PhotoOur Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel Race

Our Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel RaceOur Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel RaceOur Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel Race

The Lord’s / Umwami Prayer (Traditional)

Our father who is in heaven hallowed be thy name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our tresspasses
As we forgive those who tresspass against us
Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
The power and the glory are yours
Forever and Forever, Amen
Source: The Common Prayer Book
My Sunday time whilst in Nottingham (2018/9): Sadly, are having associate priests whose connections are believed to be linked to being a carnivore human eaters; food for thought?


From Water Tank in Nottingham at 52 Duncombe Close, St Anns, Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, NG3 3PJ. Shameful!

This video doesn’t exist

It was taken on 03/06/2019 after the 6:00 Pm Confirmation Service from St Anns Emmanel Church Diocess of South Well and Nottingham: There was no bread and Wine during the Service we had to leave. My names Disan Buteera


  1. Ancient words (2008) Micheal W. Smith (online)
  2. Jesus shall reigh wherever the Sun (2013) Available (online)
  3. Christmas tree Vidoe – Nottingham City (2017) Available (online)
  4. Buteera Disan (2017) in Nottingham while @ 21 Home address Available (online)
  5. Buteera Disan on Show (2017) Xmas Carols from King’s College Cambridge, London Available (online)

Best regards,
Buteera Disan, 1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus (2001/2), though!
Website (URL) Director and Project Manager




Image result for the book of judges, old testament

Image result for the book of judges, old testament


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