The video below is a associated to or with the Open University, England’s Youth Justice teaching a subject called an Introduction to Childhood Studies and Child Psychology in this academic year 2017/8 and 2019/20. That is running on a part time basis. The video below is showing Student work (Buteera Disan) completion and corrections before submission.

Lee Farrington (2017)Conducting Research with Young People (online) and  Still, 2019/20 Learning – video in Childhood studies and Child Psychology in Youth Justice  Live and Accessed on 04/05/2020
The National Justice Museum in Nottingham is very historical and modern in terms of the running of Justice services mainly the Youth Justice field.
In it there is an active Civil Court, Magistrate Court, Youth Court, Juvenile Justice services (Offender Learning Exercises / Practices) and a variety of Justices.
In 2013 while at Nottingham Trent University, as Students and Youth Justice Judges / Practitioners in making, were invited / hosted as a matter of urgency to acquire and picture the skills necessary in the Youth Justice Customer field.
Interactions went on well and the day finished amicably. So, we had to return back to our homes. But the down stairs are a bit scaring ofcourse as you are aware what Punishment(s) really are, the exibitions citing out Punishments and the Law are in!!!
Anti Social behaviour Young Offenders express (this being my area of interest), are offered punishments. In early ages around 1844, there was hard labour prisoners, Transportation of Offenders, Borstal system, mental Institutions, Public humiliation includes hanging and reformatory Schooling.

  • Take an online tour at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham (2017)

Available at

  • The Childhood Museum at Albert and Victoria in London (2017) Available at
  • Deed poll Service (2013)
  • Screen Shot for My Brands – Names
  • Website Project Family Buteera’s Frame
  • The Youth Court Wig below

From the background of these screen shots, is Prince Samuel Kyagera not Disan Buteera


Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame

deed-of-change-of-name-2014-buteera-disan-001-2Then, Children’s research Centre (2019) The Open University available (online) at I was Professionally engaged with the Chiildren’s research centre following enrollment for Childhood Studies and Child Psychology Module (E102) where a variety has been banked educationwise (Educationally Banking – depositing knowledge as a recipient) includes none other than, Nature and Nurture debate, Parenting and Families, Emotional and Social Development, Childhood studies and Child Psychology, extra for the benefit of the Degree award in the Justice of Infants, Children, Young People, Teneegers and Youth mounting to a Ba (Hons) in Youth Justice
Youth Court WigNB: The National Justice Museum is the Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL)

Checking head at preverbal stage. 1586431250362-ae0583c5-64ea-462c-9cec-2afc267e8cb0.jpg

Best regards,
Disan Buteera
1st Deputy Information Minster Emeritus (2001/2) though!
URL – Website Director and Project Manager
Youth Justice, Honours
The Open University (A/Yrs, 2015 – 2027).

Take a tour and find the Youth Court in Nottingham from this Video below.  Cheers  (Taken: June / 2020)

4 thoughts on “Youth Justice Honours Exploration with Open University, England 2017 & Invitation to the National Justice Museum / Gallaries of Justice in Nottingham in 2013/4 – DISAN BUTEERA

    • On 09th May 2018, the Course has been re – registered where the starting date in 06th October 2018 but tuition fees settlements are pending still. A remedy for such is Government funding ‘student finance’. All requirements are available. So, I am happy waiting…

      Buteera Disan


      • The course had to be deffered within that meaning but the Open University is indicating cancellation. There are three options which are falling within this shepre if a Student would love to deffer, withdral or cancel the module / course. In this case, I deffered the module but the Open University is showing cancellation. I have been constructing arguements in reaction to / with that but the University is insiting.

        I had finished 7 weeks where 1 exam (TMA01) Tutor Marked Assessment had been completed. So, the Open University is telling me to re-register as I had done in the first instance.

        By the meaning of hard work, there is a protection on marks a student has got after studying at some time. This is called Assessment Banking of Marks.

        The Open University is denying this! Advise.

        Kind regards,
        Disan Buteera


  1. Observation:
    Museum of Childhood Conveyance is mainly about the things made by Childdren in such a way … The emphasis through the museum of Childhood (2018) V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London available (online) at is on things made by Children. Because Children have done a very massive support and work towards the development and existance of their museum in East London such as drawing pictures via exibitions and displays of Children under (whats on), parties enjoyment of Children, co – designs workshop with the Childrens forum during September 2018. Children making tours at or from their museum in East London in England. Video (2018) transforming the V & A Museum of Childhood (online) available at

    However, the museum is having some incredible features which are believed to be other peoples contributions. In this case, things which are in the museum were made for Children such as their Director Rhais Harris, the boat (pirates life for me) toys under collections, clothings such as the girls dress games both indoor and outdoor extra.

    thank you
    Disan Buteera
    Director & Project Manager


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