Lets begin with a Speech video but which is in silence recording. Its capture is technically from a third party technology – Food for thought!!! (online)https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/media_set?set=a.2037978026437251.1073742039.100006752196327&type=3&uploaded=1

The picture below is showing family friends, sisters and brothers on the day of Home gathering celebration (linked to the above Video) includes Rebecca with baby Stacy (Green dressed), Sarah with baby Whitney and Merisah (Brown dressed) Duke Joseph baby Margret Nakalema (Striped Dinner) Ruth and baby Diana (Blue) Isaac – Dad Ethen (in Golden Shirt) and Landlord John Ssukwe Mulalira (RIP)

Disan Buteera & Samuel Kyagera's graduation (2003)at Kanziira

Dedication: Mugabi Webirabo Ebirungi (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVzLpDWL0SU – Disan Buteera, England 07/2019

Having completed NTC (National Teacher’s College) Nkozi Mitala Maria Campus from 2000 to 2002, 2003 was a year of great yields which are commonly known as harvesting. As mentioned earlier in the previous items, this time the following presentations were held from home: Kanziira Mairane Avenue in Gomba District in Uganda ofcourse. This event is being written from Nottinghsm City, England by myslef the author of the website Buteera Disan. It is a Diploma in Secondary Education where specialism was centred on History, Religious Education, Geography and Political Education respectively; Disan and Samuel.
While in England, (UK) United Kingdom (Buteera Disan) my name(s) I have added on a (PA) Personal Assistant in Safeguarding Children (2019) with Nottinghamshire Help yourself – Nottingham County, Diploma in Project Management (PM), Customer Service (available) https://alison.com/certification/check/%242y%2410%24xakl.ssJ0mQ.oc1cQilT2.S0l64vqh2MN0uMs0hfLQBl0FXb17NTG#_=_, Diploma in basic English Grammar, Web Development advanced CSS3 and HTML5 Elements, an Introduction in Conversational English, Foundamentals of English Grammar, Foundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies via http://www.alison.com (Alison Institute, 2017), Access to HE Diploma – Youth & Community Work (NOCN) National Open College Net Work via http://www.citysun.ac.uk (City of Sunderland College, 2007 as well as (ELM) Education Leadership and Management (See Cert. statement of Participation, Educational Mgt and Leadership) plus Youth Justice respectively via http://www.open.ac.uk (Open University, 2015 to 2027), http://www.ntu.ac.uk (Nottingham Trent University, 2014) and others, https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/youth-justice-board-for-england-and-wales (Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, 2007) plus other awards. I would be working at the Youth Court where its responsibilities are click here (online) https://www.gov.uk/courts/youth-courts but there is a lot of corruption and biasness in the Employment sector in England, Great Britain. Those are back by (online) https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-work-pensions So far, I have used the following Offices in ascending order, Sunderland Jobcentre (03/2005 to 06/2007), Thornton Heath Jobcentre (10/2008), Croydon Jobcentre (01/2013), Bromley Job centre (07/2012), Nottingham Station Street Jobcentre (03/2013) and today, I am with Nottingham Central Jobcentre. But their purpose is seeming to be with full uselessfulness.

College/School Career Achievements

I achieved 1st Information Deputy Minister role, Student Accounts Committee Assistant, St James Chapel representative, Mandela Hall Member of Parliament: Guild Chambers, Time keeper at Ordinary level and School Choir leader at Primary School Level. History, Religious Education and Professional studies on top such as Educational Psychology of learning, Philosophy, School Practice, Logic and Ethics, History of Education, and Developmental studies from NTC Nkozi – Uganda in East Africa.

Below are snaps taken from the graduation square at NTC, Nkozi in 2003. The first snap is me: Disan Buteera and mummy Yekosabeth (Elizabeth) Mairane.

From left is me: Disan Buteera, Dad Samuel Mairane (died shortly after the graduation in 2003/4) then Prince Samuel Kyagera. From the background were moving around the graduation square includes Peter Ssemanda was in my hall of residence Mandela hall. Prince Samuel Kyagera was residing in Nsimbi hall of residence, NTC Nkozi.

Parenthood while or whilst at College Namutamba PTC in Mityana Mubende District in Uganda (see picture) Samuel Mairane Kateregga

UK Parliament linked to the above Leadership – Go and compare!
Watch live events from the Parliament at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/bbcparliament
From the Graduation above, we loved using the local language of Buganda society which is Luganda instead of Kinyarwanda (Hutu race’s) the Kingdom of Ruanda/ Rwanda or English for the point of being inclusive. Hence, this video’s pieces of music have been sung from Nottingham City, England in June 2018. What a recall? https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/2159086294326423/

Those items mentioned includes a reading which was presented by Dr. Kibogora Francis who is today known as Dr. Kayondo Dennis. That is available (online) https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/vb.100006752196327/1954634524771602/?type=3&theater and a family hymn Anjagala Anjagala (watch video from the end) 

IMG-20200316-WA0006.jpgFrom right (Family singing) include Disan Buteera, Eddie Sserwadda, Francis, Jossy, Isaac Kutesa, Samuel and the rest remained sitted at the background.

Other Speeches /show in Croydon, London, England in 2006 at Patrick Kiwanuka’s Royal wedding

Notes in brief

  1. All body language okay /fine
  2. Hand shake after singing was with Parents
  3. Speak /preaching was presented bu Rev Canon
  4. Background towards the end are family people
  5. Other Leadership flags SKM_C36818022714560

By, Buteera Disan, Website Director in Management





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