Samuel Kyagera's Introduction Marraige Ceremony with the girl

Very many congratulations the couple upon reaching and graduating to that level. It is agreat matrimonial sacrament of which you have achieved though the Church knot is under way; I am sure! So, well done.
When is that by the way?

Sam Ssemuyaba of late John Mulalira (our landlord – Kanziira) has shared a link via facebook ”the Victor’s Crown’ So, you are the hope of the world. Hence, you are praised and honoured. Listen and enjoy to the dedication from below; item 3.

So, maintaine the seniority of our Britishness life, cheers ever

During the time of pursuing our career in Secondary Education teaching while at Nkozi National Teacher College (2000/2) Prince Samuel Kyagera) ofcourse and our whole time since then until now has been or is moving on smoothly and marvallously. In leadership you lead the Students’ Chapel (St James Chapel, Nkozi NTC) at the College then I was the 1st Deputy Information Minister. So, keep the smile / excitement.

Snap taken from the graduation square NTC Nkozi in 2003.

From left is me: Disan Buteera, Dad Samuel Mairane (died shortly after the graduation in 2003/4 (R.I.P) then, Prince Samuel Kyagera. The background were moving around the graduation square includes Peter Ssemanda was in my hall of residence Mandela hall. Then, Prince Samuel Kyagera was residing in Nsimbi hall of residence.Prince Samuel Kyagera’s parenthood during College – Namutamba PTC in Mityana Mubende District in Uganda (view picture)

Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame

Not forgetting Kanziira P/s, St Francis Mengo SSS – Central Kampala City, Standard High School, Zzana (left me there!) and Central Academy Kampala – Central Kampala City, Ug Hence, this article /blog ”Graduation Ceremny for Samuel Kyagera and Disan Buteera” was logged (online) available at

Home play with youth participation from the Website HQ at Kanziira – our Prince Samuel Kyagera in March 2021

Prince Samuel Kyagera (Kanziira) Kayondo John Bosco (Nsambwe) – snap besides the above occasion after the video below.

Screenshot_20200413-132656.pngfrom Kisakye Naddugu Margret via facebook showing Attendance

Prince samuel Kyagera's intro marriage
Prince Samuel Kyagera intro Marr'ge

Kisakye album - Prince Samuel Kyagera's Intro Marriage
From front line: Diane Ndagire Mirembe Shilah in Blue Gold dress, Kisakye Margret in Orange Golden dress, Viola Nalinya Nakimbugwe in a Golden short smart Green dress and a long curved attire. The background includes the Groom Prince Samuel Kyagera in a Golden Blue Green Black Coat and others
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
From right is Matovu in a Golden long dress ‘Kanzu’ with a grey tight diamond Coat, Prince Samuel Kyagera in a Golden Blue Green Black Coat, Ruth Nakibuule in a Silver Golden black – white dress and Golden red belt, Namusis Nalongo in a Silk Golden blue dress and a pink silver Golden belt, Viola Nalinya Nakimbugwe in a Golden short smart Green dress and a long curved attire and Kisakye Margret in Orange Golden dress.

Dedications: The second dedication is for the groom and the Girl, perhaps!

  1. Bavawa Abalangira (2020) ‘Bavawa Abalangira’ (online)
  2. Elly Wamala (2012) ‘Sacramento – Elly Wamala’ (online) available at
  3. Maywood (2013) ‘Mother how are you today’ (online) available at
  4. Darlene Zschech (2013) ‘Victor’s Crown’ (with Lyrics) (online) available at
  5. WhatsApp KayondoJohnbosco (2021) Nsambwe Gomba district, Ug

A review, Organisation and Planning, Who said these words? Ofcourse is Prince Samuel Kyagera. Very Well done.
The said words during our time of upbringing
What you want to do to day, start now
What you want to tomorrow, do to day, wow! Very Impressing.
Best regards,
Disan Buteera
Website Director & Project Manager
Hon. 1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus 2001/2, Nkozi NTC

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