Voting for local elections are on. Kyegonza Sub County Lc3 – Vote Kayondo John Bosco for Gomba District’s favour in Uganda, East Africa, Africa – World for 2020/21

Voting for local elections are on.
Kyegonza Sub County Lc3 – Vote Kayondo John Bosco

Londa mu kulonda kwa Sentebbe ya LC3 for Kyegonza Sub County olwa Gomba District yaffe n’e Yuganda yaffe okutwaliza awamu

Olweunkulakulana (Community Develoment), Ebyokwerinda (Security) Ebyenjigiriza (Educational Improvements), Ebya tekinoloje (Technology), ebyenimiro na magana (Agriculture and Farming), Engundo – Amakubbo (Roads), Amasanyaraze (Electricity and reduced prices) local, regional and International relationships

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Disan Buteera in England (Bungereza)

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Website Project Family Buteera – or

My home website Project Family App: First Grandchild introduces wife

The occasion took place in January whilst in Hoima in Uganda. The royal couple’s parents home is in Bunamwaya, Kampala. Remember, for the groom, resides in Europe in particular Norway.

From top are the screenshots got via WhatsApp. The couple is blessed with two twins already (find them from the album above). They were with groom’s family. The Daddy to the twins is Twin Father – Salongo Kenneth Kayondo Tusubira. Twin father’s Epistemological Knowledge Institutions

  1. Chadwick Namate Primary School (1990’s) , Entebbe, Ug – Primary Schooling (Includes Rubaga – Kampala, Mugongo – Mpigi; Kampala) (online),32.473396,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x24755f5c27c6dfdf!8m2!3d0.0662597!4d32.473396
  2. Mukono Bishops Secondary School, Ug – Ordinary Schooling (online)
  3. Katikamu SDA Secondary School – Advanced Schooling (online)
  4. Makerere University – Degree Awards (online)

In the graduation wear is the groom by then from Makerere University. It’s followed by the twins, sisters to the groom, mother, groom and brother. At the end from that row is the father to the groom. Finally, the last row are the grandparents (Rip) to the groom Mr and Mrs Samuel Mairane Kateregga: Elizabeth Mairane Nakayondo (2003/4 and 2009) followed by their resting place at Kanziira in Gomba district in Uganda. It’s the principal quarters for your website project family Buteera online available at


Many happy years ahead to the royal couple.


  1. Joint Hymnal choir Kampala City (2021) ‘… Gwe njagala’ Dedicated by the Father to the groom (Dr Kayondo Dennis Francis Kibogola via WhatsApp

2. Martin de Groot (2017) My faith has found a resting place (online) available at

3. Joint Hymnal Choir, Kampala; Hosted by St Francis Chapel Makerere (2021) (online) available at

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Disan Buteera

1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus, NTC Nkozi, Ug 2001/2

Great English winter season in England January 2021 by Premier Director and PM Disan Buteera for your website project family Buteera

It’s the beginning of the year 2021 whilst having a snow sport.

In England, there is four seasons namely summer season, spring season, winter season and autumn season.

Watch the video and view the young people playing as well with the snow.

Finally, winter season is yet less favourite with our seasoning even though it has been regarded as a sport.

Thank you for watching our video. Regards Disan Buteera Premier Director and PM for your website project family Buteera. Information Deputy Minster Emeritus 2001/2 NTC Nkozi, Ug

Watch “Mukama Ye Musumba” on YouTube – Disan Buteera Premier Director and PM

… I will fear nothing … (Psalm 23) Setting a table before my enemies … goodness and kindest will follow me… Premier Director and Project Manager for your website project family, Hon. Disan Buteera, NTC Nkozi, Ug 2001/2 (1st Information Deputy Minister, Emeritus)

Enyimba Za Kristo vol 9 – 11 (2020) ‘Mukama ye Musumba Wange’ (online) ‘Your shield and the stick makes me laugh!

The family music presentation was Reverland’s request. The music tone of the family was once again necessary. Duke Joseph Ssekibuule led the song who’s now happily lives in America. Enjoy as you listen to our vocals. The Parents prepared a table for us with the view of celebrating the Diploma awards in Secondary Education teaching. It was 2002/3 from Mairane Avenue at Kanziira Gomba District in Uganda East Africa. Granduands includes Prince Samuel Kyagera and Hon. Information Deputy Minster Disan Buteera NTC Nkozi Ug 2001/2 for the students’ guild office.

Imaginary Report writing – The Open University, 2020/1; Placement at a family centre, – Regards!

The 9 Briton Boys – Mairane Avenue, Kanziira,The Home Office Nobility Royalty, Gomba District, Ug

The 9 Briton boys - Mairane Avenue, Kanziira, Ug
‘The Special me’ see Clock on the wall as well from the above – Director & Project Manager Website, Disan Buteera.

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Find your Lineage; use this link to find out (online)

This story is about the 9 Briton Boys whose fortunes begins / commences from Kanziira, Gomba District in Uganda. This being a Project based on family fortunes / expectations and love, our parents (RIP 2003/4 and 2009; the father and the Mother respectively) established a strong foundation onto us. The pictures are of the parents, Family Website and the Resting place of Kazende boy – our father Samuel Mairane( Maix) (RIP) at Kanziira burial grounds in Gomba District,

Special thanks to Civil Engineer Fred Mugabi Mugagga for keeping as well as maintaining our home following the departure of our Parents since 2003/4 (Dad) and 2009 (Mum) May their souls rest in peace. More notably Kyagera Samuel for managing the home. Kindest regards, Director and PM, Disan Buteera, Website Project Family Buteera, England.

The Jewish culture at adolescence stage 12 for girls (Bat Mitzvah) and 13 for boys (Bar Mitzvah) (Google, 2020)  It hooks out Judgeful skills, referencing / reading (being booky), designing as well as just being the one!

( from house picture above) Uganda, East Africa. (Background are his orphans, grand Children and extended family people such as Maama (Mom) Kate – Maama Naki … (Nakimbugwe Harriet (R.I.P) of Broadway Jinja Walukuba, Ug now in Jjobya, Mawokota District, Ug (with a black head Cover). Infact, our Mother was next to that – same Mother same father. See the 9 Briton boys and the Three Sis)

Dearly Father's Grave Samex Mairane. (R.I.P)
The tragedy of the departure – death of Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP) (2003/4) and the Mother Yekosabeth (Elizabeth) Mairane (R.I.P,2009) dedication Jimmy Katumba (1950’s) Train Kinawattaka (online) available at
Mr & Mrs Samuel Mairane (RIP)
Mr & Mrs Samuel Mairane (RIP) Best dedication: Yesu Mukama Wange (online) and Haggai 1 ff & 2 ff God’s call for the building of the Church (see Haggai 1: 4-7) Well done to you all both ‘Kazende boy’, ‘Kaadda’ , ‘Kapuule’ and Kazende girl (R.I.P)       

During College at Namutamba PTC in Mityana District in Uganda – Samuel Mairane Kateregga- ParenthoodDearest to you all as well; Rest in Peace Dedication:  Eschatos Bride Choir  (2016)  Yesu Ankulembedde (online)

Our Before Estate Building in Kanziira, Gomba District, Ug (see picture)  from where to where scenario; Public!

From left Dad Samuel Mairane (since 2003/4, r.i.p), Mummy Yekosabeth (Elizabeth) Mairane (since 2009, r.i.p) Prince Samuel Kyagera with baby Nancy Kiwanuka Sharis, Ruth Nalwadda Nakubuule, Isaac Kutesa Walugembe (Dad Ethen), Shamsha, and finally Lilian Nakiyimba in white dress.  It was leisure time and perhaps for some colleagues, after work – School.  That Estate building was last used in 1994/5.  It had rained!  Updated by Disan Buteera Website Project Family Buteera, Director and Project Manager) in Nottingham, England in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland today the 30th April, 2020.  (From WhatsApp: Isaac Kutesa Walugemba, 2020)


Tablet of Law (The Torah books)  Endaganno Enkadde (Old Testament)

Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame
Super Ltd Car - Kanziira Gomba District Brand New Samuel Mairane Family in 2003
The front of our home headquarters – Kanziira Gomba District. The Car parking was in 2003 infact it was during the graduation of ‘me’ Disan Buteera and Samuel Kyagera. Its our Parents car – The Mairane

The family is fortunately has a Website (url) which is addressed as Website Project Family – Buteera available at or

  • The 9 Briton boys includes non other than from top; Joseph Ssekibuule (happily lives in America), Edward Sserwadda (Kampala, Ug) Patrick Kiwanuka (London, England), Isaac Kuteesa Walugembe (Kampala, Ug), Dennis Kayondo Kibogola Francis (Kampala, Ug), Joshua Ssemirembe Ssebandeke (Stockholm, Sweden), Disan Buteera – Clock on wall snap (Nottingham City, England), Prince Samuel Kyagera (Gomba, Ug – infact its the headquaters of the Family’s website) and finally Fred Mugabi Mugagga (London, England). However, many are married and are lovingly live with their families.
Edward SSerwadda’s dedication to fans and family (more about Edward SSerwadda are from the above list and underneath. Enjoy the our family website. Cheers

The 9 Briton Boys areas of expertism – Professionalism in ascending order

Music Teacher, Duke Joseph Ssekibuule, Uganda Martyrs University (Nkozi) (online) at , Ug Degree in Primary Education with Music specialism, Ggaba Primary Teachers’ College in Music and others such as Social Studies, School Practice extra  (online) at , Kampala, Ug (Cert. in Primary Teaching) and finally Nakawa Business School – Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies (online) at   Dedications: The Random Songs (2020) Sekulu by Philly Lutaaya (online) and Lutaaya Philly (2020) ‘Muserebende’  (online)  Accessed on 19th June, 2020

Governor Duke Joseph Ssekibuule blessings has added on him the American Citizenship that has sparked off on the 18th June, 2020 following an Oath in American. The video below is the American National Anthem (online) The Governor Duke Joseph Ssekibuule is hear singing and about the award

Blessed Governor Duke Joseph Ssekibuule Munanira
Duke Jossy his Graduation in Purchasing and Supplies, Nakawa Business School, Kampala.png
WhatsAPP: 001 – 515 – 357 – 2077


2. Edward Sserwadda Marvins (Eddie) – Nkumba College of Commerce, Ug, Diploma in Marketing and Sales as well as Teaching from the Intergrated view perspective.  He is a teacher as well.   WhatsApp: 00256772956170  Google mail:  Dedications:  Eschatos Bride Choir (2016) Pleasant are thy (online) available at and Ekissakyo Kyamuwendo

3. Patrick Kiwanuka Jonathan   Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University of Kampala City, Ug and Kingston University, England 



He had completed Mbarara Junior School or Mukono Bishops School.  The Noble royal guy (Duke) was in his teenage time.  The hand is perceived as picking money out of the pocket.  He put on gently.  Below, he had graduated from Makerere University in 1990 as well as knotting Sarah Mutumba Kiwanuka in 2006 from Croydon in London Capital in England.  From right on the wedding snap is Sarah Kiwanuka, Ronan Sserwadda Kiwanuka (young boy) Nancy Kiwanuka Sharis, Patrick (the groom as well as the bestman.  The rest supports the background.  What a great aesthetic pleasure!   Family E-mail:    WhatsAPP:  00447951156834           Dedication:  Best of Kezia Nambi (2020) (online)   Accessed on 15th June, 2020




4. Isaac Kutesa Walugembe – Plumbing Engineering  Institute Level @ Kisubi Technical Institute, Entebbe Road, Ug   WhatsAPP & Imo: 00256782678680

Dedications from (Plumbing Engineer Services:  Dad Ethen and Family: Family Videos and St Luke Kazo (2016) Psalm 59 (online) available at and vid20200415wa0000.mp4 whatsapp (online)






5. Dr Kayondo Francis Dennis Kibogola  Bishop Willis CORE PTC, Iganga (online) available at Teacher – Headship as well as serving in the Health industry.   WhatsAPP:  00256785486058

View the major family posse as well as Doctor Kayondo in a snap.  The family includes the Twins of Salongo Kenneth Kayondo, Ssalongo Kenneth Kayondo Tusubira (Norway, Europe), Collin Kimbugwe Kutesa (California, America (USA), Viola Nakimbugwe Nalinya, (Kampala, Uganda), CEO (Chief Executive Officer: WhatsAPP: 00256783115271 Office E-mail: at Suwayi Women and Youth Sprout Initiative (online) available at, Diana Sharons Mirembe Ndgaire (Kampala, Uganda) WhatsAPP: 00256774381961; National Water and Sowerage Corporation, and finally Queen Joyce Kayondo Zesiro, College Principal, Ug. Dedication: SDA Church in Ruanda/ Rwanda Inttwali Za Kiristo, Musanze Choir (online) available at



  6.  Joshua Ssebandeke Ssemirembe (Our Last born) (Resides in Stockolm Sweden, Europe)



 Makerere University, Kenya University, Latin America University and Swedish University   – Degree to Masters in Banking and Economics. (Finance -Money)  When he was young,  the Community used to call him Bishop Joshua.  He was a cheerful young boy, healthy and lovely.

Dedication: Maddox (2018) Namagembe Official (online) available at

7.  Disan Buteera  Premier Director and Project Manager for Website, Youth Justice and Teaching (Diploma Level in Secondary Education from Nkozi National Teachers’ College C/o Kyambogo Uni via (Itek; Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo, Aggrey Memorial School, and others  I have undertaken the construction of this website since 2016 (online) available at or via Premium Level (online) available at 





Exif_JPEG_420Video is having the front of the house. Its addressed in the other way round. Then, this picture is showing the back of the house which is indicating as the front Circus?

Disan Buteera (2020) Getting home things from Tesco supermarket in England  (Watch Video) available at (online)  Happened on 06/05/2020 and the Summer Sun bathing (05/2020) in St Anns in Nottingham at home online at





8.  Teacher – Prince Samuel Kyagera (Diploma Level in Secondary Education from Nkozi National Teachers’ College C/o Kyambogo Uni via (Itek; Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo, St Francis Mengo SSS – Central Kampala City, Ug; and others… (see Intro article (online)

9.  Civil Engineering – Dad Sean (Diploma and Degree Levels) from Kyambogo Technical Institute, Ug Mengo Technical Institute, Ug and London South Bank University, England    WhatsAPP: 00447947826960  Email:


Dad Sean - London, England
Engineer Fred Mugabi Mugagga was knotting to Annet Namuyomba. Did so from Namirembe Cathedral Church of Uganda, Central Kampala City in East Africa. After the couple had to board an aeroplane back to England. The Royal couple left England to have a holiday whilst wedding as well from Uganda. The two majestically lives in London, England with their Children. The Royal couple hired Artist Joseph Ngooma who had to entertain during their celebration from Kanziira our Parents home and later perhaps to Kampala to the after wedding party.

Dedication from Dad Sean.    Ngoma, J. (2013) ‘Olimulaba’ (online) at  as well as Eschatos Bride Choir (2016) ‘Singa okwata Okulugoye Lwa Yesu’ – If You Touch’ (online) available at  Accessed on 12/05/2020

The three Sis

However, didn’t only our dearly parents Sam & Eliz (RIP) gave birth to us (the 9 Briton boys), they gave birth too to the three girls (see pictures below). Hence, we are 12. Remember, the unmentioned Briton – David Mugalula (RIP) who left us when he was a young a boy. Ambiguously, they had /have 13 Children.

Dedication of Rebecca (Mummy Jasper), Eschatos Bride Choir ( 2016) ‘Nyinza ntya’ Available (online) Accessed /Posted on 24/07/2021 Nyinza Ntya in English transaltion is How can I? The resilience!  Sis Ruth’s dedication. Ntaate (2020) ‘Gw’asembayo – audio out’ (online) available via vid-20200410-WA0000.mp4 



NAMELY: Ruth Nakibuule – TEACHER at Kitebi Primary School Rubaga Division branch Kampala City – Nkozi PTC: Primary Teachers’ College now it is Nkozi NTC National Teacher’s College (Kampala, Ug) Sarah Nakibuule – ACCOUNTS AND MONEY – Multech Business school Kampala Central City- Standard High School Zzana Entebbe, St Balikudebbe Sec School it’s near Nkozi NTC, Nateete Mackey Memorial Primary School Kampala City and Kanziira Primary School (America) General perspective Dedication: Micheal L(2011) Sleeping Child (online) and Rebecca Namugabi – HUMAN NURSING – Grand View University, Wanyange Girls Secondary School Eastern Uganda region, Lubaga Girls Primary School Kampala City and Kanziira Primary School (America)
Useful websites (url) links





MLTR (2012) ‘Breaking my haert – there’s no excuse my friend’ karoake (online) available at


I am hoping to meet again - I am hoping the website (url) is marvallous - Enjoy watching the plane below taking off.  In November 2004 (Disan Buteera) I had a flight - Kenya Airways








Best Wishes;
Disan Buteera
Website Director and Project Manager
Hon. 1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus Nkozi NTC, Ug (2000/2)




Prince Samuel Kyagera’s Introduction Marriage Ceremony with the Girl (2019) Congs Couple

Samuel Kyagera's Introduction Marraige Ceremony with the girl

Very many congratulations the couple upon reaching and graduating to that level. It is agreat matrimonial sacrament of which you have achieved though the Church knot is under way; I am sure! So, well done.
When is that by the way?

Sam Ssemuyaba of late John Mulalira (our landlord – Kanziira) has shared a link via facebook ”the Victor’s Crown’ So, you are the hope of the world. Hence, you are praised and honoured. Listen and enjoy to the dedication from below; item 3.

So, maintaine the seniority of our Britishness life, cheers ever

During the time of pursuing our career in Secondary Education teaching while at Nkozi National Teacher College (2000/2) Prince Samuel Kyagera) ofcourse and our whole time since then until now has been or is moving on smoothly and marvallously. In leadership you lead the Students’ Chapel (St James Chapel, Nkozi NTC) at the College then I was the 1st Deputy Information Minister. So, keep the smile / excitement.

Snap taken from the graduation square NTC Nkozi in 2003.

From left is me: Disan Buteera, Dad Samuel Mairane (died shortly after the graduation in 2003/4 (R.I.P) then, Prince Samuel Kyagera. The background were moving around the graduation square includes Peter Ssemanda was in my hall of residence Mandela hall. Then, Prince Samuel Kyagera was residing in Nsimbi hall of residence.Prince Samuel Kyagera’s parenthood during College – Namutamba PTC in Mityana Mubende District in Uganda (view picture)

Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame

Not forgetting Kanziira P/s, St Francis Mengo SSS – Central Kampala City, Standard High School, Zzana (left me there!) and Central Academy Kampala – Central Kampala City, Ug Hence, this article /blog ”Graduation Ceremny for Samuel Kyagera and Disan Buteera” was logged (online) available at

Home play with youth participation from the Website HQ at Kanziira – our Prince Samuel Kyagera in March 2021

Prince Samuel Kyagera (Kanziira) Kayondo John Bosco (Nsambwe) – snap besides the above occasion after the video below.

Screenshot_20200413-132656.pngfrom Kisakye Naddugu Margret via facebook showing Attendance

Prince samuel Kyagera's intro marriage
Prince Samuel Kyagera intro Marr'ge

Kisakye album - Prince Samuel Kyagera's Intro Marriage
From front line: Diane Ndagire Mirembe Shilah in Blue Gold dress, Kisakye Margret in Orange Golden dress, Viola Nalinya Nakimbugwe in a Golden short smart Green dress and a long curved attire. The background includes the Groom Prince Samuel Kyagera in a Golden Blue Green Black Coat and others
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
From right is Matovu in a Golden long dress ‘Kanzu’ with a grey tight diamond Coat, Prince Samuel Kyagera in a Golden Blue Green Black Coat, Ruth Nakibuule in a Silver Golden black – white dress and Golden red belt, Namusis Nalongo in a Silk Golden blue dress and a pink silver Golden belt, Viola Nalinya Nakimbugwe in a Golden short smart Green dress and a long curved attire and Kisakye Margret in Orange Golden dress.

Dedications: The second dedication is for the groom and the Girl, perhaps!

  1. Bavawa Abalangira (2020) ‘Bavawa Abalangira’ (online)
  2. Elly Wamala (2012) ‘Sacramento – Elly Wamala’ (online) available at
  3. Maywood (2013) ‘Mother how are you today’ (online) available at
  4. Darlene Zschech (2013) ‘Victor’s Crown’ (with Lyrics) (online) available at
  5. WhatsApp KayondoJohnbosco (2021) Nsambwe Gomba district, Ug

A review, Organisation and Planning, Who said these words? Ofcourse is Prince Samuel Kyagera. Very Well done.
The said words during our time of upbringing
What you want to do to day, start now
What you want to tomorrow, do to day, wow! Very Impressing.
Best regards,
Disan Buteera
Website Director & Project Manager
Hon. 1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus 2001/2, Nkozi NTC

Website (URL) Project Family – Disan Buteera Mairane Statistics 2016 to 2020: Globally




The Project has since then been impressing the World at an International level platform.  The URL started in September 2016 with 41 viewers from the United Kingdom alone.  By December 2016, It reached a peak at 319 viewers.

As the viewing escalation went on upwards, it came to my notice during July 2017, the number reached 690 viewers where the United Kingdom, United States (America), Sweden, Rwanda, Uganda, Netherlands, and Finland had participated!!! marvelous.

  • On 11th October 2018, the figure has massively reached 95 viewers at 17:00 pm (London Time) where the United Kingdom has been with 90 viewers, Uganda 4 viewers, and United States 1 viewer.     It is a Monthly to Month pilot Scheme.    So more participants, dears
  • 2019 beginning doubled with 204 viewers as compared to those of October 2018.  Remember that is for the Month January ALONE where Rwanda /Ruanda had 1 viewer, United Kingdom 152 viewers, United States (America) 27, Uganda 10, Oman 4, India 1, Netherlands 1, China 1, Sweden 1, and finally Ireland 1 viewer.
  • By the month ending on 29th February, 2020, there has been great excitement of viewing our website at a peak of 264 viewers.  The participating countries are Rwanda / Ruanda 6 views, Uganda 3 views, United Kingdom 211 views,  Canada 2 views, Denmark 1 view, Belgium 4 views, European Union (EU) 3 views, Ireland (ROI) 2 views, Germany 1 view, Spain 1 view, Greece 1 view, Turkey 1 view, Switzerland 1 view, United States (America) 27 viewers finally.  It has been an impressing month with views Geographically.

Academic Award in Analysis from Google Analytics Academy Schooling in England Final Score 82% in 2019

The scores are from the 4 Units

Unit 1  81%, Unit 2 90%, Unit 3 80%  and Unit 4 80%

Certification award  Course_Certificate Google Analytics for Beginners 2019

Highlights above are indicating the Nation’s Flags which took part in viewing the Family.

Below is the map of the World


World Map

Home living in England, Nottingham following statistics – see Videos during April 2016 –  May 2019: Umwami Disan Buteera


Disan Buteera

Director & Website Project Manager


@Whatsapp: 00447393897970

Skype: dbuteera

Twitter: @ButeeraDisan  Instagram:  @buteeradisan 




Buteera Disan the Conqueror of the UK empire – NTL Visa BRP 2018

It was on 18th April 2018 when I took over the empire of the UK territorities. Infact, it may literally be mentioned as the Brain storming war / battle of which I won. UK territories includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The mentioned territoritories of the UK can be found via (online)
However, on 13/08/2019 the above endorsement – BRP RC (Biometric Residency Permit Resident Card – RH4206206) was reported and registered as lost within the perimeters of St Anns and Nottingham City Centre, England. A replacement has been logged and applied for using our UK visas and Citizenship service available (online)
On 02/09/2019, I am going to have fresh biometrics. All payments settled with no regrets. What a replacement but of which administration actually?
On 02/09/2019, an Official presentation of documents such as proof of address, banking extra and the taking of Visa Biometrics has concluded from Angel Row, Nottingham Central Library at the heart of Nottingham City Centre, England. No further payments requested! The staff smiled and said ‘they will write to you’.
On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.


Official doc

On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.

Official doc

On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.

Official doc


Official doc

First acceptance in March 2005 – Watch Video


It was in Novemebr 2004 when I landed on the English land on 05th.  That is England, United Kingdom in mention aboard Kenya airways direct flight to England.  I had a transit in Kenya, Nairobi whilst from Entebbe International airport in Uganda still on Kenya airways.

Special thanks during the course of this Journey goes to:

  1. Daddy Sean Engineer Fred Mugagga Mugabi – London
  2. Daddy Nancy Social Worker Patrick Kiwanuka – London
  3. Mummy Jasper Rebecca Namugabi – America
  4. Kanziira General Family Headquarters – Gomba District, The Home Office Nobility Royalty, Ug
  5. Kenya Airways

After Easter Monday 14th April, 2020 Nottingham’s look (Watch video) below

NB: For the safety and unaffected security of the world be aware that there’s an institution in the UK in conjunction with the post office Nottingham City, Queen Street, which stole my identities this includes the CTD Convention Travel Document from 12th February 2014 (C00160339 but not sure due to thefty threat) and the deed of change of name from Busulwa Disan to Buteera Disan (2013), UK.
NTL Visa details available via facebook file and Video

  1. and

Visa Accompanment Notification NTL


11th March 2005 Acceptance – Home Office Asylum Status, City of Sunderland, England

disan buteera affirdavits
Further information can be found on the previous articles / blogs of Disan Buteera
Nottingham City Under a Watch, Tram Tansportaion, Home dishes plus an English bed room – 2018 Video – Disan Buteera (But all are personal designs)


Nottingham City Centre, England in 2018

It is group O.
Group O of blood is the healthiest, strongestest and marvallous one of among all human beings. (See the home page for details of Nativities)

Home Office without Address? (Sender’s Address or perhaps I sent It to myself!)


Google – Disan Buteera; Starts and Ends of the Universe

Google Meeting:  See a person you talk with; Click and enter details as required (needs to be scheduled) or leave a message on it and sign out! Use the link below (online) available at

Major concept or URL for Google is

and the best of Google are apps (online) available at!/all

Googling allows me (us) to find information or date online whilst searching for it of any kind as long as it is registered via technology protocols.

For instance, the satetellite information of Kanziira Primary School in Gomba District is available via or and Nsambwe Primary School (available) at

My home sorroundings in Nottingham, Hyson Green – Watch Video

I am hoping that helps!


Disan Buteera

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URL Director & Project Manager