During covid 19 in England 2020, the flowers and  crowns been taken from the exchange bureau in Nottingham City England’s finest place!




Christmas day Feast / lunch 25th December 2018 while at 52 Duncombe Close, St Anns Nottingham (Drunk: White Wine, Lucozade & Cola) Ate: Goat meat & Potatoes






In the Sky while viewing Nottingham City and Its Sorroundings – Disan Buteera, Website Director (URL) & Manager




WIN_20170727_16_45_17_Pro (2)
The fourth snap is Xmas (2017) then, the last snap, its me (Buteera Disan) in the red guarmet next is father Samuel Mairane (R.I.P) and Samuel Kyagera. It was a graduation day at the grounds of Nkozi National Teachers College training Secondary School Teachers of Uganda in 2003 at 23/4 years old. Its along the Uganda Equator. The rest is background.
The 12th November 2017 home leisure time in Nottingham, England. Available (online) https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/a.2048766752025045.1073742048.100006752196327/2048766788691708/?type=3&theater

WIN_20170817_16_43_51_Pro (2)

Buteera Disan







Videos: Click & watch






I had finished supper. Thats a new design on from Home in Nottingham, England in April 2018 and The Beach: Family Relaxation – Disan Buteera in Nottingham England April 2018 available (online) https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/2130499987185054/ Last Accessed on 17/04/2018 @ 15:41 BST (British Standard Time)





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