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The Home Office Nobility Royalty  Buteera's Space and Design at 52 Duncombe Close, St Anns, Newark & Sherwood District, Nottingham City, NG3 3PJ, England, United Kingdom

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     We are a Kingdom of Order 

Recent some notes about Isreal (online) http://stateofisrael.com/declaration/

  • Why and can’t America/n STOP dictating our life?  Video is an American ancient accent. 
  • Link this piece of Music agains the Tutsi Kizito Mihigo  (2015) Twanze Gutoberwa Amateka (online) available at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyFcUMhjEJU
  • 1948 Isreal’s Independence combined with USA, hence our lives mostly (my Lineage) or Child sacrifices are based on those factors. 

Note in brief: Left click on the Screen, then click on the word Loop from the list for the video to play continuosly.

Peace and Honour Isreal; Enjoy this dedication: Host of Isgreal’s Captain, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC5RJclfAko

Alchemy is the former name of Egypt.  Derived from Chemistry, Science and Community Knowledge.  Generally is the Land of Isreal in all.


My name is Buteera Disan.  The Premier Director and Project Manager for this project website (URL).Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 11.27.10 AMI have developed a plan of openning a home website which I want to include our family fortunes on it.  It is indeed as having a Journey or a trip to the Moon.  Listen and enjoy this music by Isaac Watts Jesus Shall reign wherever the Sun (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLevsV6QuoM&feature=share&list=PLp_c2W-FmOywRzJ3luUraf71wSqip9Lnu.  and Martin Groot (2016) Lo! Jesus is coming with Clouds (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFseYlpmaG8  It is strongly believed that Hutu race (Isrealites) originates from the Moon.  Other Peoples Instinctal attachments to the moon are expressed with a phrase Two parks ”enjjuba yiyo’ meaning ”(the moon is there)”.  Relax and enjoy this moon show video Neon Genesis Evangelion – Ending “Fly Me To The Moon” (1080 HD) (60FPS)   available (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq5tXnflvKQ      The pictures below are showing (2019) Isreal’s another attempt of landing to the Moon explore ‘Baresheet’. Image result for beresheet Image result for beresheet Image result for beresheetThe Jewish press (2019) has it that the Landing on the moon on the 11th April, 2019 was not successfully soft because of the Lunar’s regoliath (soil) evolving over the time (see picture of the soil around the Moon in Heaven/Sky).

So, embrace.  Upon this journey (Website (url) openning), I approached the Nottingham Central Library, Nottingham City, England for assistance regarding the openning.  Fortunately, I was given free advice on the opening of a home Centralised website.

Buteera Disan in Nottingham City from the Sky (2019), Summer time in City of Nottingham  July/2017, City’s Music (New year 2019), Spring Season 2018, Feb Snow 2018 & No Feb Snow 2019

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist
The date of the openning of this website is 26th September 2016.  It is a Monday and the time of approaching the Library has been evenning at around 4.50pm.

The website (URL) name is Website Project Family Buteera hutu – Isreal race (Brits/Bryts) with its URL written as http://www.buteeradisan.wordpress.comSo family feel free to include your information such as yourself, family and lifestyle you are living or you have been living.  Do this by emailing at dbuteera@rocketmail.com your blog/events.

In Project Management (PM) (Alison Certification available, https://alison.com/certification/check/%242y%2410%24VgWdAmf8e9TWx30VqFqm.RYv9joaX0ZnzXRtdxE1K3fWeSPpxKhq), Planning, Control and transitions, the Profession calls for making some investigations through research by asking a questions, monitoring, evaluating and what the Project is about.  So, family add up your blogs/events.  Family friends, Government departments mostly the Ministry of Education of Uganda starting from Mpigi District Headquarters, Entebe Municipality (Wakiso at http://www.wakiso.go.ug), Gomba County, Gomba District and the Ministry of the Public Service you are welcome by eraborating about yourselves abit and about your friends in the family perhaps my parents (Late Mr & Mrs Samuel Mairane).  The events you used to share with them.  May their souls rest in peace.  Hark, my soul, it is the Lord.  Its the Lordship path; enjoy this as you relax available (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CVpLaAHWJE 


I love music, reading, touring and having fun.  My race is hutu - Isreal of Rwanda, Egyptand Isreal origin, in particlular Kigali, the Vision City which is based in East Africa.  But I was raised and born from Uganda at Mairane Avenue, Kanziira Gomba District - The Home Office - The Nobility Royalty.  Our home is based at Mairane Avenue, Kanziira, Gomba District, Uganda - The Home Office  - The Nobility Royalty.

TV10 Wabulira wa Welcome greetings from Simply Rwandaful at (online) available https://www.facebook.com/radio10.rwanda/videos/1122615417839815/ (Its Royal Blue font colour style – ICT experts)

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Our Coat of Arms (The Kingdom of Ruanda / Rwanda)

BUTEERADISAN - Coats of Arms of the Kingdom of Rwanda, Kigali, The Vision Cityor via (online) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2027772244124496&set=pb.100006752196327.-2207520000.1506944767.&type=3&theater

                      Related imageRelated image             

Dedike:  Hello Superstar!?  (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUSyAX7Npok

Then, a Crown show video (2015) Leisure Capture in Nottingham City (online) https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/2029778423923878/   and The home leisure time in Nottingham, England (11/2017) https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera/videos/a.2048766752025045.1073742048.100006752196327/2048766788691708/?type=3&theater

Finally, the Lion being our family /Ruanda/ Rwanda/ Egypt and Isreal Kingdom's totem.

Our Media is via http://www.rba.co.rw/ and National Anthem of Ruanda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K506Poq2xiM

Features also:  https://www.facebook.com/disan.buteera and https://www.linkedin.com/in/buteera-disan-ba9880a9/

 Thank you

Best Regards,

Buteera Disan, Author – Hutu – Isreal Race

Website Director & Project Manager

1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus, NTC Nkozi (2001/2) though!

This website is aiming at tabling the interests, culture, love, expectations and the greatness of the Hutu race of the Kingdom of Ruanda/ Rwanda, Isreal and (Alchemy) Egypt (UKIR)

Author  Address is in England, Great Britain; 52 Duncombe Close, St Anns, Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, NG3 3PJ, England, United Kingdom of Telephone Mobile Number +44(0)7393897970 and English /England, UK Landline, +44(0)1159580352 with email address as dbuteera@rocketmail.com and dbuteera2004@gmail.com.  Tweet @BUTEERADisan, then Skype name: dbuteera, Instangram:  @buteeradisan

Disan Buteera @ the right – Supper time / Dishes/ Reading in the 21st Century in England – (Watch Videos)


Benefits /Advantages of website includes such an example below Website Administrator See Job advertisement field in Marketing and Sales available at https://www.cv-library.co.uk/job/208155045/Website-Administrator




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