Individual Profile – Buteera Disan in red guarmet  and Samuel Kyagera (stripped)BUTEERADISAN - BUTEERA (2015937L8P3C2999) in RED Guarmet.jpg

The second bonnet (hood) was with or is my brother Samuel Kyagera stripped (Secondary teacher in Gomba district, Ug). I am a well-motivated individual, orderly, considers others as a first priority, acts quickly accordingly, hardworking, flexible and committed to a given task for a specified period. I believe in time effective usage whilst carrying out tasks. I am excellent and strongly believe in accuracy. I have excellent time keeping awareness and organisation knowledge. I have a positive attitude, very respectful, very logical, enjoy a challenge and able to work independently or as a member of a team. As a result of the above, I am confident that my relationships I have developed will be a key to monitoring, achieving and success in considerations. I may be reached at using this method of communication in addition to the contact page you may use, if… this is skype video technology, England. The skype name is dbuteera.

Using the Tram Transport Service 2018/9 in England (Nottingham City) atleast a day in a year – Disan Buteera (Watch Video)

2 Videos showing the use of DHL Delivery service within England (WHS Victoria Shopping Centre in Nottingham City )- Disan Buteera
The delivery is heading to the Student Finance England company. It is the Company which settles Citizens tuitions fees payments to /of Universities where a client’s earnings are below £20,000 (Pounds Sterling). The enclosement includes an Original Biometric residence permit card. (OBRP) In that case, I am Disan Buteera. Its one card with two sides.


Remember, bio means …. (life). I am on a Ba (Hons) Youth Justice part time at the Open University, England (2015/27). I passed so far a Foundations in Effective Practive in Youth Justice (K115) (2015/6). An Introduction in Child Pschology and Childhood (E102) is next (2018/9) it repalced Working with Young people in trouble module.
When I am with other people, I consider excellent Communication, Organisation, Computer usage, Listening, and being Outstanding in administration kind of approach. This happenes from what I have been learning as a child until my day to day in Nottingham City while in England. Please, take a break and have a look at the following.

Banking Money

I left Uganda in 2004 with my finances with the Centenary Bank, Namirembe Road in Central City Kampala (online) available at I left with Isaac Kutesa (Walugembe). (See my brands blog / article for further details) Then in England, I am banking with HSBC Bank (online) available at 2005 until May 2020 because of the opportunity that I have of legacy or legally with a privilege of enjoying the services whilst in England. 

I pretty had to switch to the Starling Bank England (online) available at in pictures, the darling bank addressed a welcome card (see attached)

Whilst leaving Uganda, I travelled using Kenya Airways with a transit in Kenya then had to board the same directly to England, United Kingdom.

Image result for kenya airways

Video showing Work v Money = YJ
NB: YJ is Youth Justice

  1. Education Steps & Credentials
    Open University, Milton Keyness, England
    Foundations in Youth Justice learning. It has been a part time duration which started in 0ctober 2015 and ended in June 2016 but with aspects of completing the whole degree in 2027 as per the University’s arrangement and flexibility the British people do enjoy. Hence, many admire British way of living, working and studying (see Meaning of my name and Acknowledgement, article).Related image Related imageDeogesic net used for research purpose with preverbal infants checking head

and the statement of Participation, Educational Mgt and Leadership (2017).

Taking part with study / learning whilst from home – childhood studies and Child Psychology in Youth Justice on (28/04/2020), The Open University, England That Childhood is concluding Stage 1 – Foundation Degree stage at The Open University, England (Watch video includes home Inspection) Disan Buteera (2020) Video (online) available at and The latter live and Accessed on 04/05/2020

2. In September 2013 – July 2014 I engaged to Nottingham Trent University, England where I earned Diploma in Youth Justice Supplementing EPUA (2007)!!! Effective Practice Unit award in Youth Justice (EPUA) in full. I took steps in 2005 and 2006 with the Ministry of Justice which is heading the Youth Justice Board; I am under. I engaged with Sunderland Youth Offending Service during that time and gained that EPUA. The skills have really developed and embedded of Youth Jusitice. So, a Youth Court service as a Judge is at hand. Took part in this as well SKM_C36818022714560

Life in Nottingham City by Buteera (Watch Video, 06/2018)

3. In September 2006 – July 2007, I engaged to the City of Sunderland College, England and did some studying in Care, Health & Nursing L3 Diploma while backing EPUA (See point 2 above). I learnt Eng, Care & Dev’t, Comm Skills, Biology, Psychology, Study Skills, IT (Word, Excel, Power point & Emailing) & Proj Writing.
4. In September 2000 – July 2002, I engaged to Nkozi National Teachers’ College (Uganda, East Africa) C/0 Kyambogo University, Uganda, East Africa and earned a
Diploma in Secondary Education History and Religious Education with professional studies including Logic, Psychology of learning, Philosophy, History of Education, Developmental Studies and Tutorials.

5. In February to April 2017…, Foundamentals of English Grammar, Introduction in Conversational English, Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Basic English Grammar and an English Vocabularly and Pronunciation Certificate from Alison Institute (online); Republic of Ireland.

  1. Employment History Section
  2. In Feb 2017 to Feb 2017, I served at Nottingham Central Jobcentre; Department for Work and Pensions: Great Britan as a Work Experience Plament Officer in Customer Services/ Administration
    In Sept 2008 – Sept 2008 I worked at London Metropolitan University, England as a
    Customer Support Administration Worker. In doing so, welcoming students, Paper work, Receiving calls, students, Comforting students, Securing a safe environment, Excellent relationship with work mates, Advocating and Report writing were done at a cost of £318.89. £ is a pounds sterling sign. They were 4 working days.
  3. In June 2005 – July 2006, I worked as Food Picker & Packer at Pride Valley Foods Ltd (Seaham Grange, Durham). In doing so, Production line service, Observing the running of administration duties, Picking & Packing food, Cleaning the environment, Maintained health and safety laws and Excellent relationship with work mates were maintained.
  4. In 1999 worked at Ssekibuule and Nakibuule Hardware at Kitebi Star Kampala as Store Manager Cash, Supervisor and Accountant and in May 2001 to May 2004, as a Home Call DB organisation in Kampala – Uganda at Kitebi, I served in as a Site Supervisor, Buildings and Construction in a self employment capacity.
  5. At Mpenja Secondary School in Gomba District of Uganda in May 2002, It was School Practical Practice. Refer to point 4 above. Students enjoyed learning
    Christian Religious Education and History of the lower secondary classes senoir 1,2 and 3. Today 03/10/2016 and recently, I have been receiving calls from students that they are now at University level, others graduated in Uganda ofcourse others dropped out due to some difficulties but I am teling you, what? they wre lovely, brilliant and very eager to achieve success.  Pictures showing Mpenja Secondary School.  The headteacher Mr Mutumba was greeting staff.  Students and School staff exhibits the colourful scene / beauty of the acedemia School campus.  It’s in Gomba District Uganda East Africa


    Source: Ssenkubuge, Samson; WhatsAPP, July 2020. (OB of the School)

  6. At Muteesa Primary School in Kampala District at Mutundwe hill in Uganda in
    July 2003 to October 2004, I served as a teacher. I taught Science, Mathematics and Christian Religious Education to both Upper and lower primary classes (P.3,4, 5, and 6). Today 03/10/2016 and recently, I have been receiving calls from students that they are now at University level in Uganda ofcourse others dropped out due to some difficulties but I am teling you, what? they were lovely, brilliant and very eager to achieve success.
  7. One of the pupils by then at Muteesa Primary school Sadrach Masembe, is leading a Saviours love fellowship, Wankuluku as Pastor. He was a star in Science of which I was teaching in Primary 6 in 2003 (Screenshot, 2020) Screenshot_20200426-193847
  8. The Mairane home had cattle so we or I used to engage in their welfare such as water, salt – Kisuula, grass and their house – Kraal. Do you know, personally I (Buteera Disan) had 3 cattle a Bull, calf and cow. I bought a cow 150,000 Ug shillings.
  9. Image result for friesian cattle
  10. Hobbies and Interests
    Information Deputy Minister, Nkozi NTC City Liaison Officer (2014) Question & Answer Elections, Nottingham Trent Uni, England via
    Students Accounts Committee Assistant, (SAC) Nkozi NTC
    Mandela Hall Representative Anglican Students, St James Chapel, Nkozi NTC
    Mandela Hall Member of Parliament, Guild Chambers, Nkozi NTC
    Time Keeper Prefect, Ordinary Level (Brain Trust Academy, Kampala City)
    School Choir leader Prefect, Primary School Level (Kanziira (P/s) Elections (2014) City Liaison Officer, Nottingham Trent University. Accessible at:
    Speaking and IT. When I get time and want to do something or keep busy, I inform employers to refer to the following individuals in a matter of assessing suitability and capability.
    1. Youth Justice School Support Team, Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keyness, MK7 6AA, England P:01908541070
    2. Mr.Kyagera Samuel, Senior Home Manager, Mairane Avenue, Kanziira, The Home Office Nobility Royalty, Gomba District, Uganda, T: +256772766748
Thank you
Disan Buteera

Twitter: @BUTEERADisan
Skype: dbuteera
WhatsApp: 004407393897970
1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus, though! (2001/2)
Website Direct Manager, IT Technician, Youth Justice Lawyer/Judge & Teacher


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Maps showings 52 Duncombe Close, Nottingham in England and Kanziira Mairane Avenue, Ug in East Africa

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