The Project has since then been impressing the World at an International level platform.  The URL started in September 2016 with 41 viewers from the United Kingdom alone.  By December 2016, It reached a peak at 319 viewers.

As the viewing escalation went on upwards, it came to my notice during July 2017, the number reached 690 viewers where the United Kingdom, United States (America), Sweden, Rwanda, Uganda, Netherlands, and Finland had participated!!! marvelous.

  • On 11th October 2018, the figure has massively reached 95 viewers at 17:00 pm (London Time) where the United Kingdom has been with 90 viewers, Uganda 4 viewers, and United States 1 viewer.     It is a Monthly to Month pilot Scheme.    So more participants, dears
  • 2019 beginning doubled with 204 viewers as compared to those of October 2018.  Remember that is for the Month January ALONE where Rwanda /Ruanda had 1 viewer, United Kingdom 152 viewers, United States (America) 27, Uganda 10, Oman 4, India 1, Netherlands 1, China 1, Sweden 1, and finally Ireland 1 viewer.
  • By the month ending on 29th February, 2020, there has been great excitement of viewing our website at a peak of 264 viewers.  The participating countries are Rwanda / Ruanda 6 views, Uganda 3 views, United Kingdom 211 views,  Canada 2 views, Denmark 1 view, Belgium 4 views, European Union (EU) 3 views, Ireland (ROI) 2 views, Germany 1 view, Spain 1 view, Greece 1 view, Turkey 1 view, Switzerland 1 view, United States (America) 27 viewers finally.  It has been an impressing month with views Geographically.

Academic Award in Analysis from Google Analytics Academy Schooling in England Final Score 82% in 2019

The scores are from the 4 Units

Unit 1  81%, Unit 2 90%, Unit 3 80%  and Unit 4 80%

Certification award  Course_Certificate Google Analytics for Beginners 2019

Highlights above are indicating the Nation’s Flags which took part in viewing the Family.

Below is the map of the World


World Map

Home living in England, Nottingham following statistics – see Videos during April 2016 –  May 2019: Umwami Disan Buteera


Disan Buteera

Director & Website Project Manager


@Whatsapp: 00447393897970

Skype: dbuteera

Twitter: @ButeeraDisan  Instagram:  @buteeradisan 




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