It was on 18th April 2018 when I took over the empire of the UK territorities. Infact, it may literally be mentioned as the Brain storming war / battle of which I won. UK territories includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The mentioned territoritories of the UK can be found via (online)
However, on 13/08/2019 the above endorsement – BRP RC (Biometric Residency Permit Resident Card – RH4206206) was reported and registered as lost within the perimeters of St Anns and Nottingham City Centre, England. A replacement has been logged and applied for using our UK visas and Citizenship service available (online)
On 02/09/2019, I am going to have fresh biometrics. All payments settled with no regrets. What a replacement but of which administration actually?
On 02/09/2019, an Official presentation of documents such as proof of address, banking extra and the taking of Visa Biometrics has concluded from Angel Row, Nottingham Central Library at the heart of Nottingham City Centre, England. No further payments requested! The staff smiled and said ‘they will write to you’.
On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.


Official doc

On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.

Official doc

On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.

Official doc


Official doc

First acceptance in March 2005 – Watch Video

This video doesn’t exist

It was in Novemebr 2004 when I landed on the English land on 05th.  That is England, United Kingdom in mention aboard Kenya airways direct flight to England.  I had a transit in Kenya, Nairobi whilst from Entebbe International airport in Uganda still on Kenya airways.

Special thanks during the course of this Journey goes to:

  1. Daddy Sean Engineer Fred Mugagga Mugabi – London
  2. Daddy Nancy Social Worker Patrick Kiwanuka – London
  3. Mummy Jasper Rebecca Namugabi – America
  4. Kanziira General Family Headquarters – Gomba District, The Home Office Nobility Royalty, Ug
  5. Kenya Airways

After Easter Monday 14th April, 2020 Nottingham’s look (Watch video) below

NB: For the safety and unaffected security of the world be aware that there’s an institution in the UK in conjunction with the post office Nottingham City, Queen Street, which stole my identities this includes the CTD Convention Travel Document from 12th February 2014 (C00160339 but not sure due to thefty threat) and the deed of change of name from Busulwa Disan to Buteera Disan (2013), UK.
NTL Visa details available via facebook file and Video

  1. and
  2. Error
    This video doesn’t exist

Visa Accompanment Notification NTL


11th March 2005 Acceptance – Home Office Asylum Status, City of Sunderland, England

disan buteera affirdavits
Further information can be found on the previous articles / blogs of Disan Buteera
Nottingham City Under a Watch, Tram Tansportaion, Home dishes plus an English bed room – 2018 Video – Disan Buteera (But all are personal designs)


Nottingham City Centre, England in 2018

This video doesn’t exist
It is group O.
Group O of blood is the healthiest, strongestest and marvallous one of among all human beings. (See the home page for details of Nativities)

Home Office without Address? (Sender’s Address or perhaps I sent It to myself!)


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