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It is indeed impressing that I had a fortune birth though It was full of hills and valleys. In the first place, of course I was born a male – boy human being. The day at a health centre hospital in 1979 May named Mpenja Health Centre Hospital which is found in Gomba District, Mpenja under the guidance of a midwife called Mrs Lulanga (R.I.P). Then, I was baptised at Kanziira Church of Uganda which is in Gomba District. (see photo taken in 2019)

Kanziira Primary School and Kanziira Church of Uganda Campus, Gomba District, Ug
Days progressed as I was maturing but without any breast feed (Mutayonka in Luganda language) due to mother’s sickness. The birth was hard. During the course of that journey, I am sure I was singing (click here May be I was very big and caused such unhealth fitness to the mother. See her pictured here. I based and grew using cow’s milk.
Infancy – Childhood assistance – Disan Buteera

  1. Maama Mary Nakasula Mrs and Mr (Ttaata) Levi Bafamimwa Batankulu (RIP) of Kanziira, Gomba District. But Maama Mary now resides in Entebbe, Ug. Hence Levi’s family like Nankya Robinah (Mummy Andrew Mugalasi, Julius (Jully), Nakanagwa) Dan, Njeri, Sam as well as Nasande and Habineza from Maama Mary’s family side of Namutumba- Buwanguzi road. From / after this help, I was then taken to Jjaaja Esteeri Masaana’s home.
  2. Jjaaja Esteeri Masaana of Kisaaka – around Nakalere forest reserve residential. The word Jjaaja was a common phrase to the lady. Then Masaana – she used to wear gogles (spects). Her Children such as Uncle Benya of Bwaise, Kampala – Kampala City Council Servant, Uncle Lutaama (R.I.P) of Mutundwe, Kampala – Investment Bank assisted. Therefore, well done

Recent talk about my Childhood (on in 2020 whilst in Nottingham, England

This video doesn’t exist

Child online protection in Ruanda / Rwanda
Useful resource:
Thenth (hence or as a result); rewards following my Childhood 2002/3 Graduation in Secondary Schools teaching – Diploma award from National Teachers’ College Nkozi, Ug. was sitted at the graduation square NTC Nkozi with my maternal Mother Elizabeth Mairane.

Super Ltd Car - Kanziira Gomba District Brand New Samuel Mairane Family in 2003

From the graduation square NTC Nkozi, Ug to the Home party celebration gathering. In a car was ‘ me’ Disan Buteera, Samuel Kyagera, Mummy and Daddy plus Uncle Dan. We used our Parents car commonly known as Super Ltd hence a clean summed up Childhood of ours Disan Buteera and Samuel Kyagera. It was in 2003 at Kanziira Gomba District, Ug. It was fantastic and colourful. We really enjoyed the sum up of our Childhood. Thanks to Mummy Eliz and Daddy Mairane. To day since 2016, I’m building a home Website.


from right is Disan Buteera, Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP shortly died after the graduation in 2003/4) the third snap is Prince Samuel Kyagera. Background includes Peter Ssemanda. That was the sum up of my /our Childhood. We are a family. Below is mom Elizabeth Mairane RIP since 2009. May the strongest foundation of which mom and dad gave us inspire all the generations. Cheers Hon Deputy Minister Information (NTC Nkozi, 2001/2) Disan Buteera



In yellow (babe attire) Whilst remembering the joyous days of which Jesus Christ enjoyed including the crucifixion. Taken on 10/04/2020 in England.
With my generation, at 14 I had completed Primary School education and so, I was preparing and really attended Secondary School Education of which I finished extras with me. Then, with the Mother she had Education as well from that level though she didn’t go far as I did. Later, she married a golden man ‘The Headteacher / Principal of a Primary School. They were posted to different Schools in Mpigi/ Gomba districts in East Africa in Uganda such as Kanziira primary school, Mpenja Primary school, Lwanga Primary school extra. During training at Namutamba PTC in Mityana District in Uganda – the father. Rumours say that it was during work or in service. (The guy – father)

Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP).png

Infact, are the backbone of Kanziira Church of Uganda above with Sprout… Mpenja Church of Uganda extra. The grandmother was a religious lady and a chapel leader. She used to lead congerations as well as sending them out. It is a great fortunate, indeed to or with the family (God’s Office beginnings) . Historically or before.!

England and Wales Child transitions with Schooling, and work (By Naomi Halford (2016) legal transitions to adulthood, E102 module (ed) Farrington-Flint Lee andtand Montgomery, H. The open university England (see attached)


Disan Buteera my names ”Smoothing” Child learnt behaviour – Watch Video (Ironing & Bathing/ Showering)

Clothes while on a wire having been washed in Nottingham, England

My Clothes on a wire whilst in Nottingham City, England. The Video (watch via facebook) below is showing Ironing. ofcourse and showering/ bathing. regards, Disan Buteera, Director & Project Manager 07/2019

Clothes on a wire whilst / while in Nottingham City, England 07/2019

This video doesn’t exist
This is the mother Elizabeth Mairane (R.I.P) (See Diploma Award above) gave birth to me and next below is dad Samuel Mairane Kabango (R.I.P). My mother this is your dedication in rememberance of your joy times during dowry and wedding to the father from Mpenja Church of Uganda, Gomba district. Its from Maywood, Mother how are you today available via Samuel Mairane (RIP).png

I loved learning when I was a young boy. Infact, I used to hold a pen and a book as if I was reading and writing and yet I was in my childhood. You know in childhood chidren smile, knock things down whilst holding them and try to be discoveras. My Kindergaten Schooling was from home where the Mother taught me Maths as well as the writing and spelling of my name. But from there , I started formal Schooling when I was 6 years old at Kanziira Primary School, Gomba District in Uganda where dad was the Headteacher. My mother was a Professional Mother and the dad was a Professional teacher (Headteacher). Then, It was my time giving a Speech from the above acquisations but the video has been technically recorded in silence – Food for thought!!! It is a Diploma in Secondary Education (2003) (online)

NB: Opportunity through the darkest moments, An American who is believed to have hidden attachments to the Royal Family of Ruanda with Children as the Twa and Ttusi may be narrates about me via Rwandan Women available (online) Sister of Mother???? All that which affects my or our life since Childhood and generally; calls for a glance about such!!!

A moment! Trip enjoyed on Sunday 12/03/2017 from England, Nottingham City by Buteera Disan
Sister Rebecca’s Children’s Childhood upbringing at Kitebi in Kampala City, Uganda. I played apart in the upbringing of her Child ”Stacy with braids on” mostly. She is now happily living in USA, Desmonies. Hence my own Childhood acquisations were well imparted onto Rebecca’s family. rom right is me in a green Jacket and a tie with Tracy and Alex. The rest are Rebecca, Vanesa (Vanny), Charles and Jasper Nickson (in green t – shirt). Stacy Kabenda’s own words ‘God is good and has proven to be merciful since my birth, I may not know much but I know God and that’s enough’. (Facebook, April 2020)

Disan Buteera, Nieces plus

Thank you
Buteera Disan, Website Direct Manager, IT Techinician, Youth Justice Lawyer/Judge & Teacher



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