In other words, STAHIZA High School is Standard High School-Zana that is found in Zzana along Entebbe Road towards Entebbe International airport in Uganda in east Africa. Desire was popularly known as Desire at the School. She was friendly, intelligent, kind, approachable, sociable, and hardworking student following the inspirational talks of her friends and siblings such as Prince Samuel Kyagera, Olga, Suzan, Donnie, Dad Sean Engineer Fred and others. Desire is Sarah Nakibuule Mairane, the latter being her father’s name. The background snap, Desire was at St Balikudembe senior secondary school (senior one up to senior four) – ordinary level GCSE”s equivalence in England.

Desire enjoyed her childhood from the connected places that include Kanziira primary School in Gomba district, Ug, Mackay memorial primary Nateete in Kampala City,Ug, St Balikudembe senior secondary school in Mawokoota district Ug and Multech Business College that is in Central Kampala City, Ug. Her achievement contributed greatly to her Business Diploma award in Finance and Accounting. Desire is now serving as a Sales and Service Associate (SSA) in America. Source: Facebook, (2023).

Desire is engaged to Prince Andrew Hetrick since 16 August 2017 (Papa is his nickname). Studied at DMACC in America. Desire lives with her husband as well as Children in America. Desire communicated that she had to leave Jimmy Kyambadde because of some misfortunes. And so, she was approached by Prince Andrew Hetrick Papa that Desire is now living with beautifully whilst in America. About Prince Andrew loving children. I like reading novels, bible , loved God , playing badminton, football, and singing. Desire supports all Children well to include Merisah, Chloe, Whitney and the boy. (”cheer after reading and the boy” Unfortunately Desire had Megan that had to leave us on earth and she is perhaps sitted on / at the wright hand of the father in heaven. Megan was buried in America. Prince Andrew’s best quotes includes ‘Goodness is the only investment that never fails’ and ‘I love spend time with street kids’ Source: Prince Andrew Facebook, (2023) Everybody can be great, because anyone can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve… You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. Martin Luther King JR Andrea Desire Facebook, (2023)

Parental responsibility of Desire Sarah Nakibuule

The following snaps includes Desire’s, her siblings, family, daddy (rip 2003/4), mummy rip (2009), as well as friends

Desire loves that Musician’s music Infact, the musician is a namesake of one of her children Whitney. It is believed she was named after that lady’s vocals or vibes
My best dedication to Desire, daughter Megan (rip) and others by Disan Buteera Premier Director & PM for your website … family

Desire, prince Andrew’a reels and Children

Desire, Prince Andrew and Children’s videos

STAHIZA (online) (online)

Map showing Desire’s home in Buloba in Ug, Clive Lowa in United States of America and Kanziira Gomba district, Ug


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Disan Buteera Premier Director and PM for your website …family

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