Dr Kayondo is the first born to Mr and Mrs Samuel Mairane. Those two parents left us and perhaps sitted on the left hand of the father in heaven. Dennis graduates from Bishop Wills Core PTC page University that is in Iganga in Eastern Uganda as a teacher. He serves / served as a teacher as well as a headteacher / principal in School such as Mugongo primary School, Ug, Malangata primary School, Ug and so on. Then, the doctor was happy to transfer the educational learning skill to the health ministry. Dr Kayondo (The MD; Managing Director) established a Children’s rehabilitation centre for (Children with learning disabilities, and mental health) at Kajansi in Wakiso, Ug as well as the idea of establishing a hospital at Kanziira hill. So far, the place is having a Kanziira health community centre that is attached to that idea of establishing a hospital at Kanziira hill in Gomba district, Ug.

Dr Francis Kibogola’s happy childhood was connected to Mbarara Junior School, Mbrarara district, Ug for primary schooling, post primary education: Bishop’s Senior School, Mukono district, Ug for ordinary learning / studies, and Makerere High School, Kampala Capital City, Ug for advanced level learning / studies and later, graduated from Willis PTC (Primary teacher’s College, Iganga in Uganda that Leicester City in England has a connection following Bishop Wills. Fear God and retain Wisdom is the College’s motto. Facebook: Bishop Willis Core PTC, page Uni (2023) One of Dr Kayondo’s quote is ‘you can’t go back and change the beginning,but you can start where you are and change the ending.’ C.S. Lewis in Dennis Kayondo Kibogola WhatsApp (2023) However, the college’s student pioneer Dr Kayondo Dennis Francis Kibogola says that it used to be Bishop Wills. That is contradicting with the current brand of the College’s name Bishop Willis Core PTC page University (Facebook, 2023) ‘i’ is not expected to be in the word Wills but it is expressed as Willis with an ‘i’ in it / so. Hence, let the current college’s brand be according to the above quote that Dr Kayondo enjoys literally.

Dr Kayondo is having interest in Tender work as well, such as Schools’ examinations or mid-terms tests setting, printing and distribution across primary Schools (Mpigi district, Ug examinations centre as an example). He is knowledgeable and well-informed personnel in educational learning and clinical psychology management. He is an orator naturally.

Dr Kayondo is married to Joyce Kayondo. Joyce Kayondo is a principal at primary teachers’ College, Ug such as Yumbe PTC as well as being a Tutor. She has a work experince at Kabulasoke PTC in Gomba district, Ug, teacher at Rubaga girls primary school in Kampala City, Ug as well as being a TDMS (Teacher’s development movement system in Mpigi recently as Tutor. Joyce completed high school from Nabumali high school, Kyambogo ITEK and Makerere University (2007). They have their home at Bunamwaya that is boarded by Kampala City council and Wakiso district in Uganda. They are happy with four Children that include Kenneth now a twin father or Salongo, Diane, Viola educated from Makerere University and Collin Mukono University, Ug.

Parental responsibility of Joyce Zesiro Kayondo Source: Joyce’s Facebook (2023)

Parental responsibility of Dr Kayondo Dennis was by Mummy Elizabeth Nakayondo rip (2009) and daddy Samuel Mairane Kateregga rip (2003/4) Source: Disan Buteera (2016) Website and Sarah’s Facebook (2023)

However, there are other children of Dr Kayondo like Natasha in Namagoma with Dad Ethen, Trissy Nassuna and Sarah Daniella Nakayenga at mom Lilian’s home at Kitebi star as well as Zarwango’s at or from Kanziira Gomba district / Ndeeba in Kampala city council (KCC), Ug.

Now start enjoying Dr Kayondo and family: Source: Facebook (2023), WhatsApp (2023) and Buteera’s Album


Dr Kayondo singing with others to the congregation at home Kanziira Gomba district, Ug. It was Reverland’s request!

Dr Kayondo singing with others to the congregation at home Kanziira Gomba district, Ug. It was Riverland’s request!
Micheal Bolton sings soul provider (2013)
Dr Kayondo Dennis Francis enjoys the above music video
That music is about appreciating good deeds Intwari za kiristo Musanze in Ruanda / Rwanda Kigali City
Mukama wange nkwebaza from my first grandchild introduces girl joint hymnal choir by St James Chapel at Makerere in Uganda in East Africa

Map showing Dr Kayondo, Mrs Kayondo Joyce and family in Bunamwaya in Uganda, Mbale, Ug, Norway and America


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