The noble girl above loves creativities. That is evident from the use of her names as well as the retail business that she owns in Gayaza, Kayunga, Ug together with her new family. She is a mother or married girl. Creatively, Margret created Margie out of it that of course brings joy and laughters to herself and others. Then, Sashi originates from Kisakye. And so, she is well known as Margie Sashi as her nicknames as well as Margaret Kisakye Naddungu. She loves play, studying and work as well as associating with others. Margie Sashi’s childhood in terms of Schooling associated at Nsambwe primary School, Kanziira primary School, Mpenja Secondary School for both Ordinary and Advanced levels in Gomba district. She excelled fantastically. Sashi joined Kyambogo University in Kampala City, Ug for a Social Sciences degree that she achieved in (2013). She is saying she loves her creativity and soon will be entering into her professional career that details Social Sciences discipline for more money earning and advancement.

Siblings and Magie Sashi Source: Facebook (2023)

She was Margie Sashi’s graduation day celebration from Kitebi star in Kampala City, Ug at Rebecca’s home.
She is Margie Sashi Kisakye Naddungu.
In the golden black down dress is Rebecca Nabateregga a sister to Margeret Kisakye Naddungu.
Is David Wesige Kabango a brother to Margret Kisakye Naddungu. He is living in Orebro City in Sweden.
In green is Mutabazi a brother to Margret Kisakye Naddundu. Then, the audio below is giving comfort about the Kabango family – the grandfamily whilst praying for Bbaaba Mutabazi the heir to Daniel Zabarindah and others by Kayondo JohnBosco WhatsApp (2023) A happy and exceptionally outstanding leadership Mutabazi. Updated by Disan Buteera on 17/04/2023 at 11:17am British Summer Time in Nottingham City in England.
In the golden green dress is Edith a sister to Kisakye Margret Naddungu.

Friends, Child, family and Margie Sashi

Parental responsibility to Margie Sashi

Magie Sashi’s created videos

Magie Kisakye (2023) Vidoes (online) last accessed on 11/02/2023

Dedications to Magie Sashi and others from Disan Buteera: Premier Director and PM for your website .. family Lionel Richie (2013) Do it to me and Roxette (2019) It must have been love

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Map showing Gayaza, Nsambwe, and Kanziira Margie Sashie’s Childhood and her home place

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