Namuganda is she or her by pronoun. The article or blog is telling us about her and family’s fortunes whilst using the snaps (the screenshots) or photographs. The nobility of Rebecca and her family is exciting with the paintings of birth, learning, education, working as well as being generous towards her friends, families, and personal living. Graduated from Grand View University in America recently. Then, her Children have been awarded equally the same fortune from Clive Lowa University as Health Global Studies participants, Medical, Accounts and Management.

During Rebecca’s teenage times, she was happy to start her family by giving birth to Nickson Jasper followed by Daphine Tracey, Stacey, Alex Maxwell, Vanny, Courtney, Williams and what? The latter ones (two) were given birth from America and what? The first ones from Kampala, Uganda Rubaga Hospital from Kampala Central City played a great deal.

The groom to her family is Fred with a graduation happiness from Makerere University during that time in Accounts. Fred and Rebecca noted from Namirembe Cathedral that is in Kampala, Ug. The happy family had to travel from America to Kampala to enjoy the honour moon. The royal wedding was enjoyed by the majority excitedly.

Audio messages of appreciation from the Noble husband of Rebecca: Fred Wegs about website and my audio communications to Fred (updated from England by Disan Buteera: The Premier Director & PM for your website…family at 14:50pm British winter time day time at 11degrees Celsius day time

Now start enjoying viewing the snaps that are detailing Namuganda, friends and her family: Source: Facebook (2023) and Disan Buteera’s Album

Group photograph

Children’s and frpraise to the family

Dedications that Rebecca enjoys: Source, Facebook, (2023)

Coming to America by Murphy Akeem (online) or

St. Cecilia Lubaga Cathedral Choir (2011) ‘Njagala mbe mu abo’ – Kampala Uganda

It is about making a request of being part of the winners…

Rebecca’s dad and mum RIP 2003/4 and 2009 respectively from Kanziira in Gomba district, Ug

Map showing Clive Clowa, USA, Kitebi, Kampala, Ug, Bulangira, Mbale, Ug and Kanziira District, Gomba, Ug


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Best wishes to Fred Wegs and Rebecca

Disan Buteera: Premier Director & PM for your website … family (online) (Primary website name)

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