… I will fear nothing … (Psalm 23) Setting a table before my enemies … goodness and kindest will follow me… Premier Director and Project Manager for your website project family, Hon. Disan Buteera, NTC Nkozi, Ug 2001/2 (1st Information Deputy Minister, Emeritus)

‘Your shield and the stick makes me laugh! Enyimba Za Kristo vol 9 – 11 (2020) ‘Mukama ye Musumba Wange’ (online) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdgqCE_HM1U

‘Your shield and the stick makes me laugh! Namirembe Cathedral (2021) WALIWO ENSI ESINGA ENO (online) at https://youtu.be/tLgNV3gW2_o?t=15 It would have been Kanziira Church of Uganda’s music such as Sanyu lingi Mugulu enanga… in Gomba district, Ug
The young lady in an image with a shield and weapon for defence / protection.
The family music presentation was Reverland’s request. The music tone of the family was once again necessary. Duke Joseph Ssekibuule led the song who’s now happily lives in America. Enjoy as you listen to our vocals. The Parents prepared a table for us with the view of celebrating the Diploma awards in Secondary Education teaching. It was 2002/3 from Mairane Avenue at Kanziira Gomba District in Uganda East Africa. Granduands includes Prince Samuel Kyagera and Hon. Information Deputy Minister Disan Buteera NTC Nkozi Ug 2001/2 for the students’ guild office.
Disan Buteera at a train station in Nottingham City, England

Imaginary Report writing – The Open University, 2020/1; Placement at a family centre, – Regards!


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Updated by Disan Buteera Premiere Director & PM for your website… family in England on 25/03/2023

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