Jacky is lovely. She is actually Jacquiline Nakayenga Luwedde Shillah from ”Luwedde is lwagwa” in 2010. Jacky is she / her by proun. She is married and resides at Bulenga, Wakiso, Ug – Kampala district. She is a daughter of Edward Sserwadda (Eddie Marvins Sserwadda) and Ruth Namusoke (divorced Eddie). Jacky’s mum works as a secondary school teacher in / at Kibibi in Butambala district, Ug.

Jacky Works at Uganda Red Cross Society and as a community development officer at Who Cares in Uganda in East Africa. She earned her educational awards from Ndejje University (2016). Jacky is popular in social media as Jacky Shila Banxs. Jackie likes socialising with others for instance, Jackie attended Nyimbwa event at Ndejje University (2017), This is the Day when all the Ndejje University Alumni will be Co event (2017) Ndejje University Nyimbwa and Nft Consult Ltd (2016) CV Review and Interview Skills Training in Kampala City, Ug

During her childhood, Jacky spent some time with her auntie Ruth at Kitebi primary school, grandparents at Kanziira in Gomba district, Ug ofcourse as well as living with mum and dad Eddie and Ruth Namusoke (divorced). Jacky’s best quote ‘Better later than never hapi birthday to you ssebo’ for Ssuuna Elvis. Elvis is a brother to Jackie (Facebook, 2022)

Jacky talking to the congregation in 2010 during the succession day at Kanziira our or her grand mu’s heir Elizabeth (in modern English) or Yekosabeth in ancient English

Jacky talking to the congregation in 2010 Source: Alba TV Screenshoot (2016/8) by Disan Buteera

Now start enjoying Jackie’s snaps, friends and family Source: Facebook, (2023)

Audio about the family that Jacky is in succession. It tells about the grandparents and their children that includes the couple above in particular the father Samuel Mairane rip (2003/4 The Kabango family at Nsambwe and Kanziira in Gomba district, Ug.

Dedication. Melisibwe Fantasy – Ross Sherppard High School Never give up on your dreams, no matter how painful and difficult your journey is..

My dedication to Jacky as a new Child of her. Jacky is the mum’s heir (2010). I wish you well in all the new mum Jacky.
… his deliverance I will boast …
Yesu Tonjabuliranga (2021) Christian hymn or music England

Best regards,

Disan Buteera, Premier Director & PM for your website project family (online) http://www.buteeradisan.wordpress.com

Map showing Bulenga, Kanziira, Kitebi – Kampala City and Kibibi about Jacky and her parents homesteads in Uganda in East Africa


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