It is actually Thursday evening the day in the month of June, 2022. The video clip is showing me whilst taking and enjoying the leisure time in Nottingham City, England. I like viewing and creating interesting data. As the week draws near, I am sure that you have enjoyed yours as well. Greetings to you all.

The image above and below is showing ‘Kitange’ RIP (2003/4) it means the father, daddy / dad. And so, the dedicated piece of music is relating or means that one for my sake. By name/s is Samuel Mayirane / Mairane Kateregga (RIP 2003/4) Source: Buteera, D. (2016)’Meaning of my name and acknowledgement – Buteera’ (online)

Dedication: Sound Hut Music Centre / Enyimba Za Kristo Singers  (2020)’Kitange Nze Nkukowoola’ Available (online) Last enjoyed it on 31/07/2022 at 13:05 BST (British Summer Time

Preferred regards, Disan Buteera, Premier Director and PM for your website project family Kanziira mairane Avenue Buteera App.

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