It is actually Thursday evening the day in the month of June, 2022. The video clip is showing me whilst taking and enjoying the leisure time in Nottingham City, England. I like viewing and creating interesting data. As the week draws near, I am sure that you have enjoyed yours as well. Greetings to you all.

New year (2023) Sunday Service celebration in England 0N 01/01/2023 (Updated on 08/01/2023 by DB)

I have a recorded sound audio that is on WhatsApp as well.

The screenshots below are showing ‘Kitange’ RIP (2003/4) it means the father, daddy / dad. And so, the dedicated piece of music is relating or means that one for my sake. By name/s is Samuel Mayirane / Mairane Kateregga (RIP 2003/4) Source: Buteera, D. (2016)’Meaning of my name and acknowledgement – Buteera’ (online)

Dedication: Sound Hut Music Centre / Enyimba Za Kristo Singers  (2020)’Kitange Nze Nkukowoola’ Available (online) Last enjoyed it on 31/07/2022 at 13:05 BST (British Summer Time

Preferred regards, Disan Buteera, Premier Director and PM for your website project family Kanziira mairane Avenue Buteera App.

Below is the map showing Kanziira, Gomba District, Ug where the daddy was put to rest following his last breath in (2003/4) from Kitebi in Rubaga Division, Kampala City at Rebecca’s home. Rebecca Namugabi now happily lives in Desmoines in America with her family. I was at Mutesa Two Memorial Primary School at Mutundwe hill, Kampala City teaching where Collin Kutesa Kimbugwe (now happily lives in California, America) came and informed me about the dad’s last breath. The body was travelled by me (Disan Buteera) and 2 others to Kanziira in a super Limited Car that the daddy and mummy were having.

Dedication: Namirembe Cathedral (2022) Bwalijja Mukama waffe (online)


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