Approved Current Curriculum Vitae: Disan Buteera my name(s)

Approved CV . This document is displaying the current up to date skill that I posses.

The above is a Computing relax video!

I have  heard rumors chatting about my work experience at a Specilaist School in England.  Yes, it is a Specialist School where I had a (TA Post) experience (Teaching Assistant) during January.  Their url (website) is

I think it has impressed my brother Dennis Kayondo (Francis Kibogola) since you / he has ever had a project along Entebbe road (Kajansi) in Uganda where he was educating, caring and assisting the handicapped Children.  But my association with this is not Dennis part of your interest within this field.  For more information about Doctor Kayondo, see the Graduation articles whilst singing and reading a chapter available (online) and

NB: The above gentleman was a Headteacher and a teacher in Uganda.  He is now acting as a Doctor.  His first son is in Norway Kenneth, second son is in California (USA) Collin, third daughter Diana works at the National water in Kampala (2019), Uganda then Viola is an Accountant (ACCA).  However, has other Children.  That is his main family with their home base in / at Bunamwaya, Kampala/ Mpigi.  The wife (Joyce Zesiro Kayondo) once a Primary School teacher and a Primary Teachers’ College Tutor, she is now (2019) a Primary Teachers’ College Principal in Uganda.

Best regards,

Disan Buteera

Website Director & Project Manager




3 thoughts on “Approved Current Curriculum Vitae: Disan Buteera my name(s)

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    Analysis from the Company are available here

    Disan Buteera
    URL (Website) Director and Project Manager


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