Website (URL) Project Family – Disan Buteera Mairane Statistics 2016 to 2020: Globally




The Project has since then been impressing the World at an International level platform.  The URL started in September 2016 with 41 viewers from the United Kingdom alone.  By December 2016, It reached a peak at 319 viewers.

As the viewing escalation went on upwards, it came to my notice during July 2017, the number reached 690 viewers where the United Kingdom, United States (America), Sweden, Rwanda, Uganda, Netherlands, and Finland had participated!!! marvelous.

  • On 11th October 2018, the figure has massively reached 95 viewers at 17:00 pm (London Time) where the United Kingdom has been with 90 viewers, Uganda 4 viewers, and United States 1 viewer.     It is a Monthly to Month pilot Scheme.    So more participants, dears
  • 2019 beginning doubled with 204 viewers as compared to those of October 2018.  Remember that is for the Month January ALONE where Rwanda /Ruanda had 1 viewer, United Kingdom 152 viewers, United States (America) 27, Uganda 10, Oman 4, India 1, Netherlands 1, China 1, Sweden 1, and finally Ireland 1 viewer.
  • By the month ending on 29th February, 2020, there has been great excitement of viewing our website at a peak of 264 viewers.  The participating countries are Rwanda / Ruanda 6 views, Uganda 3 views, United Kingdom 211 views,  Canada 2 views, Denmark 1 view, Belgium 4 views, European Union (EU) 3 views, Ireland (ROI) 2 views, Germany 1 view, Spain 1 view, Greece 1 view, Turkey 1 view, Switzerland 1 view, United States (America) 27 viewers finally.  It has been an impressing month with views Geographically.

Academic Award in Analysis from Google Analytics Academy Schooling in England Final Score 82% in 2019

The scores are from the 4 Units

Unit 1  81%, Unit 2 90%, Unit 3 80%  and Unit 4 80%

Certification award  Course_Certificate Google Analytics for Beginners 2019

Highlights above are indicating the Nation’s Flags which took part in viewing the Family.

Below is the map of the World


World Map

Home living in England, Nottingham following statistics – see Videos during April 2016 –  May 2019: Umwami Disan Buteera


Disan Buteera

Director & Website Project Manager


@Whatsapp: 00447393897970

Skype: dbuteera

Twitter: @ButeeraDisan  Instagram:  @buteeradisan 




Buteera Disan the Conqueror of the UK empire – NTL Visa BRP 2018

It was on 18th April 2018 when I took over the empire of the UK territorities. Infact, it may literally be mentioned as the Brain storming war / battle of which I won. UK territories includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The mentioned territoritories of the UK can be found via (online)
However, on 13/08/2019 the above endorsement – BRP RC (Biometric Residency Permit Resident Card – RH4206206) was reported and registered as lost within the perimeters of St Anns and Nottingham City Centre, England. A replacement has been logged and applied for using our UK visas and Citizenship service available (online)
On 02/09/2019, I am going to have fresh biometrics. All payments settled with no regrets. What a replacement but of which administration actually?
On 02/09/2019, an Official presentation of documents such as proof of address, banking extra and the taking of Visa Biometrics has concluded from Angel Row, Nottingham Central Library at the heart of Nottingham City Centre, England. No further payments requested! The staff smiled and said ‘they will write to you’.
On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.


Official doc

On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.

Official doc

On 05/11/2019, a new official document was endorsed by UK visas and Citizenship.

Official doc


Official doc

First acceptance in March 2005 – Watch Video


It was in Novemebr 2004 when I landed on the English land on 05th.  That is England, United Kingdom in mention aboard Kenya airways direct flight to England.  I had a transit in Kenya, Nairobi whilst from Entebbe International airport in Uganda still on Kenya airways.

Special thanks during the course of this Journey goes to:

  1. Daddy Sean Engineer Fred Mugagga Mugabi – London
  2. Daddy Nancy Social Worker Patrick Kiwanuka – London
  3. Mummy Jasper Rebecca Namugabi – America
  4. Kanziira General Family Headquarters – Gomba District, The Home Office Nobility Royalty, Ug
  5. Kenya Airways

After Easter Monday 14th April, 2020 Nottingham’s look (Watch video) below

NB: For the safety and unaffected security of the world be aware that there’s an institution in the UK in conjunction with the post office Nottingham City, Queen Street, which stole my identities this includes the CTD Convention Travel Document from 12th February 2014 (C00160339 but not sure due to thefty threat) and the deed of change of name from Busulwa Disan to Buteera Disan (2013), UK.
NTL Visa details available via facebook file and Video

  1. and

Visa Accompanment Notification NTL


11th March 2005 Acceptance – Home Office Asylum Status, City of Sunderland, England

disan buteera affirdavits
Further information can be found on the previous articles / blogs of Disan Buteera
Nottingham City Under a Watch, Tram Tansportaion, Home dishes plus an English bed room – 2018 Video – Disan Buteera (But all are personal designs)


Nottingham City Centre, England in 2018

It is group O.
Group O of blood is the healthiest, strongestest and marvallous one of among all human beings. (See the home page for details of Nativities)

Home Office without Address? (Sender’s Address or perhaps I sent It to myself!)


Google – Disan Buteera; Starts and Ends of the Universe

Google Meeting:  See a person you talk with; Click and enter details as required (needs to be scheduled) or leave a message on it and sign out! Use the link below (online) available at

Major concept or URL for Google is

and the best of Google are apps (online) available at!/all

Googling allows me (us) to find information or date online whilst searching for it of any kind as long as it is registered via technology protocols.

For instance, the satetellite information of Kanziira Primary School in Gomba District is available via or and Nsambwe Primary School (available) at

My home sorroundings in Nottingham, Hyson Green – Watch Video

I am hoping that helps!


Disan Buteera

URL (Website)

URL Director & Project Manager





The Lineage Hutu – Isreal Race Principle – Sourced from Website (URL) Director – Buteera


I am Disan Buteera defining a lineage. I am ofcourse the Director and the Project Manger of the Website Project Family Buteera. Whats your common direct ancestor, Lineage?

Our coordination Network, Good or Bad? Find your lineage. (See below our defender for peace and love). Used atomic structure

Lineage is direct descent from an ancestor, especially a line of descendants from one ancestor. This is from the British Dictionary definitions for lineage, (2017) Available (online)

Features / Characteristics of Lineage

  1. Voice – similar – automatic

  2. Aptitude – similar – automatic

  3. Witty, Looks – similar – automatic

  4. Coordination system – network, similar – automatic

  5. Speaking – similar – automatic

  6. Automacy – similar – automatic

  7. Philosophies generations – similar though! and automatic

  8. Happinesses – similar – automatic

  9. Character – similar – automatic

  10. Appearance – similar – automatic

  11. Gentleness – similar – automatic

But the degree varies of being part of the lineage. Therefore, my audience do not think hard for the sake of being part of someone else’s lineage. Distinctive examples may be taken or traced from the map below which is trying to show our Exoduses from Egypt – Isreal to the rest of the world. Remember, we have to make a turn back for the rebuilding / restructuring of our (UKI) United Kingdom of Isreal add on Ruanda / Rwanda equalling to United Kingdom of Ruanda – Isreal (UKIR not yet formal). Isreal and the 12 tribes where mine is the central tribe of Isreal, we or I need God’s pardon where…
For instance, they say our connection in reference to the Brain hair co-ordination network is a serpent’s tongue. Watch mostly the last 5 – 6 minutes showing the centre of gravity (on also)

A patch to those seeming to be similar to a Lineage (see Certs) below from the work perspective using ”Staffline in connection to Wales most particularly!

Certificate – Disan Buteera – L1 Award Internet Safety for IT Users Module 1 Accessing The Internet – 03022020Certificate – Disan Buteera – L1 Award in Employability Skills Module 6 VLE Marked RQF Controlled Assessment – 03022020 (1)Certificate – Disan Buteera – L1 Award in Employability Skills Module 1 Employment Legislation – 03022020

Eva and Adam’s Descendants Movements / Erosions – But remember Our Image not Substance in terms of formation / Creation

  • Abraham

  • Jacob

  • Buteera/Butera (Deserves to be mentioned for the sake of the lineagehood principle)

  • Isaac

  • Judges Image result for the book of judges, old testament

  • Plus

Source: Tra


Website Project Family - Disan Buteera, Map contribution from Transpacific Project


Repurccusions / Effects or Impacts of Lineage Substitution

  • Aerial becomes or you feel shakey – Tampering with our head connection (or the Brain hair): White hair Experts be alerted.


  • You feel Illy (mustn’t)

  • Our smile goes (mustn’t)

  • Coordination network looses its value – Lineage (mustn’t)

  • Sharing looses meaning (mustn’t)

  • Reading looses meaning (mustn’t)

  • We live foolish lives of improper order – Organisation (mustn’t)

NB: Sky star contributors wanted using (Shoudn’t) but I have preferred to use mustn’t instead! Cheers stars

Our Wealth /Money, Who are those People actually in?

  1. Bank of Isreal (2017) Past notes and coins of Isreal, available (online)

2. National Bank of Ruanda / Rwanda (2017) available (online)


Image result for 10 pence coin

Image result for amafaranga

Image result for amafaranga

50 Israeli Pounds

5 Israeli Pounds

1 Israeli Pound

500 Pruta
The cereals (our food) and the 10 pence is a reminder of our historical pound monies! where now?

3. The Mairane home had / (has)! cattle and we or I had to ensure the excellent welfare of the Cattle such as Water, salt – Kisuula, grass and their house – Kraal. Do you know? I had three Cattle; a Cow, calf and bull. I bought a Cow 150,000 Ug Shillings. Its from the Cow that the bull and the calf came into being. But witchcraft and other businesses finished that wealthy !!!!!

Image result for friesian cattle

Personal ‘Noble honours’ Background – Buteera Disan

The pictures I have ever used on my persond background Information. The ‘Noble honours’ from our topic of interest Lineage, take these as if its a Line, lineage.

Of stripped coat isn’t part of my lineage but sibling – defining a Lineage

BUTEERADISAN - BUTEERA (2015937L8P3C2999) in RED Guarmet
Of stripped coat isn’t part of my lineage but sibling – defining a lineage

Buteera Disan



Disan Buteera background PhotoOur Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel Race

Our Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel RaceOur Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel RaceOur Lineage daily prayer Hutu – Israel Race

The Lord’s / Umwami Prayer (Traditional)

Our father who is in heaven hallowed be thy name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our tresspasses
As we forgive those who tresspass against us
Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
The power and the glory are yours
Forever and Forever, Amen
Source: The Common Prayer Book
My Sunday time whilst in Nottingham (2018/9): Sadly, are having associate priests whose connections are believed to be linked to being a carnivore human eaters; food for thought?


From Water Tank in Nottingham at 52 Duncombe Close, St Anns, Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, NG3 3PJ. Shameful!

This video doesn’t exist

It was taken on 03/06/2019 after the 6:00 Pm Confirmation Service from St Anns Emmanel Church Diocess of South Well and Nottingham: There was no bread and Wine during the Service we had to leave. My names Disan Buteera


  1. Ancient words (2008) Micheal W. Smith (online)
  2. Jesus shall reigh wherever the Sun (2013) Available (online)
  3. Christmas tree Vidoe – Nottingham City (2017) Available (online)
  4. Buteera Disan (2017) in Nottingham while @ 21 Home address Available (online)
  5. Buteera Disan on Show (2017) Xmas Carols from King’s College Cambridge, London Available (online)

Best regards,
Buteera Disan, 1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus (2001/2), though!
Website (URL) Director and Project Manager




Image result for the book of judges, old testament

Image result for the book of judges, old testament


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Youth Justice Honours Exploration with Open University, England 2017 & Invitation to the National Justice Museum / Gallaries of Justice in Nottingham in 2013/4 – DISAN BUTEERA

The video below is a associated to or with the Open University, England’s Youth Justice teaching a subject called an Introduction to Childhood Studies and Child Psychology in this academic year 2017/8 and 2019/20. That is running on a part time basis. The video below is showing Student work (Buteera Disan) completion and corrections before submission.

Lee Farrington (2017)Conducting Research with Young People (online) and  Still, 2019/20 Learning – video in Childhood studies and Child Psychology in Youth Justice  Live and Accessed on 04/05/2020
The National Justice Museum in Nottingham is very historical and modern in terms of the running of Justice services mainly the Youth Justice field.
In it there is an active Civil Court, Magistrate Court, Youth Court, Juvenile Justice services (Offender Learning Exercises / Practices) and a variety of Justices.
In 2013 while at Nottingham Trent University, as Students and Youth Justice Judges / Practitioners in making, were invited / hosted as a matter of urgency to acquire and picture the skills necessary in the Youth Justice Customer field.
Interactions went on well and the day finished amicably. So, we had to return back to our homes. But the down stairs are a bit scaring ofcourse as you are aware what Punishment(s) really are, the exibitions citing out Punishments and the Law are in!!!
Anti Social behaviour Young Offenders express (this being my area of interest), are offered punishments. In early ages around 1844, there was hard labour prisoners, Transportation of Offenders, Borstal system, mental Institutions, Public humiliation includes hanging and reformatory Schooling.

  • Take an online tour at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham (2017)

Available at

  • The Childhood Museum at Albert and Victoria in London (2017) Available at
  • Deed poll Service (2013)
  • Screen Shot for My Brands – Names
  • Website Project Family Buteera’s Frame
  • The Youth Court Wig below

From the background of these screen shots, is Prince Samuel Kyagera not Disan Buteera


Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame

deed-of-change-of-name-2014-buteera-disan-001-2Then, Children’s research Centre (2019) The Open University available (online) at I was Professionally engaged with the Chiildren’s research centre following enrollment for Childhood Studies and Child Psychology Module (E102) where a variety has been banked educationwise (Educationally Banking – depositing knowledge as a recipient) includes none other than, Nature and Nurture debate, Parenting and Families, Emotional and Social Development, Childhood studies and Child Psychology, extra for the benefit of the Degree award in the Justice of Infants, Children, Young People, Teneegers and Youth mounting to a Ba (Hons) in Youth Justice
Youth Court WigNB: The National Justice Museum is the Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL)

Checking head at preverbal stage. 1586431250362-ae0583c5-64ea-462c-9cec-2afc267e8cb0.jpg

Best regards,
Disan Buteera
1st Deputy Information Minster Emeritus (2001/2) though!
URL – Website Director and Project Manager
Youth Justice, Honours
The Open University (A/Yrs, 2015 – 2027).

Take a tour and find the Youth Court in Nottingham from this Video below.  Cheers  (Taken: June / 2020)

Graduation Party presentations for Buteera Disan Mairane and Kyagera Samuel Mairane 2003 at Kanziira

Lets begin with a Speech video but which is in silence recording. Its capture is technically from a third party technology – Food for thought!!! (online)

The picture below is showing family friends, sisters and brothers on the day of Home gathering celebration (linked to the above Video) includes Rebecca with baby Stacy (Green dressed), Sarah with baby Whitney and Merisah (Brown dressed) Duke Joseph baby Margret Nakalema (Striped Dinner) Ruth and baby Diana (Blue) Isaac – Dad Ethen (in Golden Shirt) and Landlord John Ssukwe Mulalira (RIP)

Disan Buteera & Samuel Kyagera's graduation (2003)at Kanziira

Dedication: Mugabi Webirabo Ebirungi (online) – Disan Buteera, England 07/2019

Having completed NTC (National Teacher’s College) Nkozi Mitala Maria Campus from 2000 to 2002, 2003 was a year of great yields which are commonly known as harvesting. As mentioned earlier in the previous items, this time the following presentations were held from home: Kanziira Mairane Avenue in Gomba District in Uganda ofcourse. This event is being written from Nottinghsm City, England by myslef the author of the website Buteera Disan. It is a Diploma in Secondary Education where specialism was centred on History, Religious Education, Geography and Political Education respectively; Disan and Samuel.
While in England, (UK) United Kingdom (Buteera Disan) my name(s) I have added on a (PA) Personal Assistant in Safeguarding Children (2019) with Nottinghamshire Help yourself – Nottingham County, Diploma in Project Management (PM), Customer Service (available), Diploma in basic English Grammar, Web Development advanced CSS3 and HTML5 Elements, an Introduction in Conversational English, Foundamentals of English Grammar, Foundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies via (Alison Institute, 2017), Access to HE Diploma – Youth & Community Work (NOCN) National Open College Net Work via (City of Sunderland College, 2007 as well as (ELM) Education Leadership and Management (See Cert. statement of Participation, Educational Mgt and Leadership) plus Youth Justice respectively via (Open University, 2015 to 2027), (Nottingham Trent University, 2014) and others, (Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, 2007) plus other awards. I would be working at the Youth Court where its responsibilities are click here (online) but there is a lot of corruption and biasness in the Employment sector in England, Great Britain. Those are back by (online) So far, I have used the following Offices in ascending order, Sunderland Jobcentre (03/2005 to 06/2007), Thornton Heath Jobcentre (10/2008), Croydon Jobcentre (01/2013), Bromley Job centre (07/2012), Nottingham Station Street Jobcentre (03/2013) and today, I am with Nottingham Central Jobcentre. But their purpose is seeming to be with full uselessfulness.

College/School Career Achievements

I achieved 1st Information Deputy Minister role, Student Accounts Committee Assistant, St James Chapel representative, Mandela Hall Member of Parliament: Guild Chambers, Time keeper at Ordinary level and School Choir leader at Primary School Level. History, Religious Education and Professional studies on top such as Educational Psychology of learning, Philosophy, School Practice, Logic and Ethics, History of Education, and Developmental studies from NTC Nkozi – Uganda in East Africa.

Below are snaps taken from the graduation square at NTC, Nkozi in 2003. The first snap is me: Disan Buteera and mummy Yekosabeth (Elizabeth) Mairane.

From left is me: Disan Buteera, Dad Samuel Mairane (died shortly after the graduation in 2003/4) then Prince Samuel Kyagera. From the background were moving around the graduation square includes Peter Ssemanda was in my hall of residence Mandela hall. Prince Samuel Kyagera was residing in Nsimbi hall of residence, NTC Nkozi.

Parenthood while or whilst at College Namutamba PTC in Mityana Mubende District in Uganda (see picture) Samuel Mairane Kateregga

UK Parliament linked to the above Leadership – Go and compare!
Watch live events from the Parliament at
From the Graduation above, we loved using the local language of Buganda society which is Luganda instead of Kinyarwanda (Hutu race’s) the Kingdom of Ruanda/ Rwanda or English for the point of being inclusive. Hence, this video’s pieces of music have been sung from Nottingham City, England in June 2018. What a recall?

Those items mentioned includes a reading which was presented by Dr. Kibogora Francis who is today known as Dr. Kayondo Dennis. That is available (online) and a family hymn Anjagala Anjagala (watch video from the end) 

IMG-20200316-WA0006.jpgFrom right (Family singing) include Disan Buteera, Eddie Sserwadda, Francis, Jossy, Isaac Kutesa, Samuel and the rest remained sitted at the background.

Other Speeches /show in Croydon, London, England in 2006 at Patrick Kiwanuka’s Royal wedding

Notes in brief

  1. All body language okay /fine
  2. Hand shake after singing was with Parents
  3. Speak /preaching was presented bu Rev Canon
  4. Background towards the end are family people
  5. Other Leadership flags SKM_C36818022714560

By, Buteera Disan, Website Director in Management





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David Mugalula Mairane’s Blog (R.I.P)

David Mugalula Mairane you were indeed the best Child in the family and you had all which would make us through.  Its a pity that you left us; sadly myself (Disan Buteera) did not see you.  I am in imaginations and thoughts of you.

Jealousy didn’t hesitate from taking you from us.  As you are resting at Kanziira, Gomba District, Uganda burrial grounds, please rest in peace.

Though Kanfene!!!!

You are missed by us all.  Rest in peace dear.  Thank you for welcoming our father and Mother Samuel and Yekosabeth Mairane (RIP) who joined you recently.  So, I am sure life after death you are living is marvallous; though.

Dedication (David Mugalula Mairane): Let all things now living (Se samonte) Available via

The remarkable joys of King David in the City of Kng David Available online in Connection to David Mugalula’s blog and traditions (online) and

Best regards,

Buteera Disan

Wrote on behalf of of David Mugalula Mairane (R.I.P)  Rider Video in Nottingham City, England.

Website Management & Project Director





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Past/Current Address Articles; Buteera Disan 1979 Todate!


Kanziira Great Home City welcome interactive video – Youtube (2020) foryourwebsite projectfamilyButeeara (online) available at

Changes in addresses are due to expiration of tenancy agreements in conjunction with the Landlords and Landladies contracts. Most of these references are privately rented.
I was bidding via Homelink Nottingham City Council Government (online) at My bid number was 660360 with band 4 on 1 bedroom properties around the City Centre locations. I succeeded with band 2 instead of 4. Hence, a new address.

  1. Flat 52 Duncombe Close, Nottingham, NG3 3PJ from 05th/07th December 2018 to date (online),+Nottingham+NG3+3PJ/@52.9638821,-1.1360223,3a,75y,121.91h,94.23t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s65D07ujszI6qHprsIm6ziQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x4879c1653bd63753:0x8636b703a92852ad!8m2!3d52.963603!4d-1.1362151 or via Then, Christmas day 25th Dec 2018 feast /Lunch Video (Drunk: White Wine, Lucozade and Cola. Ate: Goat meat & Potatoes.

    The behaviour at the address has been outstanding infact the Local Authority, England has granted a Secure tenancy whereby no other agreements for housing necessary! Find it attached


    Crown Show During covid 19 in England 2020




  2. Video showing Post Office services in Nottingham


    This video doesn’t exist
  3. House Number 21, Apartment (Room) 4, Churchside Gardens, Nottingham City, NG7 5 GW, England from 06th April 2016 to 05th December 2018 Trackable via (online)
  4. 73, Birkin Avenue, Apartment (Room) 2, Nottingham City, NG7 5AW, England from 23rd June 2014 until 06th April 2016, Trackable via (online)
  5. 34, Apartment (Room) 2, Cope Street, Nottingham City, NG7 5AB, England from September 2013 until June 2014, Trackable via (online)
  6. 430, Alfreton Road, Apartment (Room) 2, NG7 5NG, England from March 2013 until September 2013, Trackable via (online)
  7. Strathdon Hotel, Nottingham City, NG1 5FT, England during February 2013, Trackable via (online)
  8. Britannia Hotel, Nottingham City, NG1 6BN, England during February 2013, Trackable via (online)
  9. Emmanuel House, Nottingham City, NG1 1FE, England from February 2013 to March 2013, Trackable via (online)
  10. 89, NorthCote Road, Apartment (Room) 1, Croydon, London, England from 23/08/2012 until February 2013 Trackable via (online)
  11. 268, Shrublands Avenue, Apartment (Room) 2, Croydon, London, England from October 2008 until August 2012 Trackable via (online)
  12. 91, Beverstone Road, Apartment (Room) 2, Thornton Heath, Croydon, London, CR7 7LX, England from March 2008 to October 2008 Trackable via (online)
  13. 8, Moore Road, Upper Norwood, Croydon, London, SE19 3RA from September 2007 until March 2008. This was a term time address whilst with London Metropolitan University as a City of Sunderland Student of North East of England. I was living at Dad Sean Engineer Fred Mugagga’s home. Trackable via (onine)
  14. 5, Burdon Road, (2, Apartments (Rooms) change), City Of Sunderland, SR1 1QB, England from May 2005 to September 2007. I left this to London. See Number 11 above. City of Sunderland is trackable via (online)
  15. 34, Norfolk Hotel, City of Sunderland, SR1 1EE, England from November 2004 to April 2005. Whilst at this address my application was being processed by the Immigration Administration, England. In march 2005, I received the positive results. Trackable via (online)
  16. Emmergency Accommodation, Oakington, Detention Centre, Cambridge, CB4 5EJ, England from November 2004 until November 2005.
  17. Kanziira, Po Box Kanziira, Mairane Avenue, Gomba District, Uganda: Its the home place from May 1979 to November 2004. 2004, the time I travelled to England. Trackable via (online) 
  18.           Kanziira Residential Home, The Mairanes

    Family New Developments 2021 find the video at the bottom.  The purpose of that project contribution to family is believed to have shoplets as well as Computers Clinic Services family with the capacity of about 13 computers.  They are to benefit our local people and the general public /population from Kanziira, Kisaka, Kiriri, Maseruka, Kisubi, Gombe, Kibibi, Mpanga, Nakaseta, Nswanjere, Mpigi, Nkozi NTC extra.  Witnessing the global digital market, promoting entertainments, satellites, alleviating Computer Illiteracy.  Thank you

    Super Ltd Car - Kanziira Gomba District Brand New Samuel Mairane Family in 2003

    The Car snap was taken in 2003 infact it was the graduation day of Disan Buteera and Samuel Kyagera.

    Duke Jossy Giving a Speech - Kanziira

    The tragedy of the departure – death of Dad Samuel Mairane (RIP) (2003/4) and the Mother Yekosabeth (Elizabeth) Mairane (R.I.P,2009) dedication Jimmy Katumba (1950’s) Train Kinawattaka (online) available at Joseph Ssekibuule (The Music Teacher) was giving a speech to the audience regarding our Mother’s departure (2009) to the residents ‘only’ of Kanziira!, Gomba District, Ug.  He’s now happily lives in America.

  19. Below is Sister or Teacher Ruth Nakibuule / Nalwadda Introductory Marriage Video (2016)


    Website Projecr Family Buteera Photo Frame

    21. Kitebi, Kampala City, Kitebi, Rubaga Division, Uganda from 1996 to November 2004. I lived with Sister Ruth Nalwadda (Nakibuule) available on Ug Landline 00256414583217 (Homeline) This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-20200801-wa0001.jpg

    Ruth’s Dedication: St Kazo Church of Uganda, Kampala (2016) Yesu Alifuga Wonna ( online)

    teacher at Kitebi Primary School, Kampala ( musomesa mulungi nnyo mu kusomesa (Ruth is a niecest  lead teacher in / with teaching (Year 2 Teacher or Primary Two Class lead Teacher).  Then, below is Rebecca Namugabi in America as Nurse for people infact, graduated from Grand View University in America.  She is an American citizen.  People from the groom’s side calls her Namuganda because she was living in Buganda central part of Uganda for them, (search for the 9 Briton boys article from this website)  people of the Eastern part of Uganda in Bulangira commuting area of late Mbayo of the groom Accountant Magino Fred Wegulo.

  20. (now in USA) during that time. Kitebi zone is trackable via (online)

NB:Other addresses have not been included due to the time spent there. It was very limited such as in Hendon (Villette Road) and at 3 Tatham Street (Community Care centre) in the City of Sunderland trackable via (online) as well as boarding Schools in Uganda, East Africa.
Thank you;
Disan Buteera, Hutu – Israel Race
Website Director & Project Manager
1st Deputy Information Minister Emeritus, NTC Nkozi, UG 2001/2

Disan Buteera background Photo

Disan Buteera background Photo

Family New Developments 2021 – The Mairanes, Kanziira.